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    29 Things People Swear Are 100% Worth It After Buying Them From Our Posts

    We told you these are great.

    1. The Two-Minute Mornings journal, which, no matter how busy your day ahead is, will help you feel more calm, focused, and positive in literally just a couple of minutes, after you jot down answers to three simple prompts.

    2. A two-sided tea stand because your collection of all your favorite blends doesn't actually have to take up quite so much shelf square footage.

    3. A glamorous striped duvet cover set so your bed always looks like it's dressed to impress — you don't even have to "make your bed", just pull your now-gorgeous duvet over your crumpled sheets, toss on the two pillows, and no one has to know.

    4. A bug bite suction tool that lets you gently extract at least some of the pesky venom that makes the bite itch, so even if the bite doesn't go away completely, you don't feel such an urge to scratch.

    5. A clothes folding board because it will turn your pile of clothes fresh from the dryer into an immaculately neat drawer ready–stack (your mom would be so proud!) with just a few seconds of work per shirt.

    6. An all-in-one wood cleanser and polish to transport water- or heat- or pet-damaged furniture (or cabinets, or wood floors) back to its former glory with just a coat or two.

    7. A nook-and-cranny power scrubber with bristles that rotate 60 times a second for the quickest, deepest clean your grout — or after-market car wheels — has/have ever seen.

    8. A water bottle cleaning set that really can coax every bit of smoothie out of your favorite reusable travel cup, and TBH is probably the only set you need to thoroughly wash almost any shape of bottle, reusable straw, blender attachment, or oddly shaped–dish.

    9. A leave-in argan oil conditioner/hair mask so you can pamper your color-treated or chemically damaged strands one shower at a time, or just help your wavy/curly hair stay straight and un-frizzy all. day. long.

    10. A knife sharpener so simple and effective that you won't want to put it away until every single blade in your drawer is as fiercely honed as when you very first bought it. Especially once you realize it's 1000 times easier to slice and dice when each knife's at the peak of its power.

    11. A pack of BedBands so you don't roll over in the middle of the night only to discover that the corner of your fitted sheet has, yet again slipped off the mattress. Instead, your sheet will stay securely tucked no matter how many times you flip-flop around.

    12. Or set of brushed microfiber sheets because besides feeling incredibly soft against your skin every night and being wrinkle-, fade- and stain-resistant (which means they can last for years pretty much no matter what ends up happening to them), they have deep pockets designed for thick mattresses up to 16" (aka they won't annoyingly slip off in the middle of the night).

    13. Some Onyx Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream that will help restore damaged nails; prevent future cracks, splits, or peeling; and ultimately help your nails grow ~long and strong~.

    14. A brand new Zinus memory foam mattress, if you're in the market for one, so you can swap your uncomfortable, decade old–, hand me down–bed for 10 or 12 inches of supportive, pressure relieving–relaxation and restful sleep.

    15. A Schick dermaplaning razor because all it takes are a few quick, precise strokes to eliminate both those random unwanted eyebrow hairs and any peach fuzz. (That's right, you can say goodbye to both tweezing and waxing!) Oh, and it can also gently brush away dead skin cells, too.

    16. A big bag of (gluten free) premium cheddar cheese powder — nothing hits you in the feels like a delicious meal that tastes like its straight from your childhood, but that also happens to be healthy-ish and made with high quality ingredients.

    17. A sleeved dress that, even though lots of reviewers swear by it for teachers, will also look incredibly good in the office, at your favorite dinner date spot, and honestly even in line at the grocery store on your way home from work.

    18. A bottle of Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo, which rinses away any excess buildup left in your hair by your regular shampoo, conditioner, and styling products — or, according to reviewers, excessively hard water — to leave your locks extra clean and soft.

    19. A pack of silver polishing wipes so you can completely transform your tarnished silver jewelry, heirlooms, and flea market finds into gleaming master pieces, no scrubbing or real effort beyond simple wiping required.

    20. A pack of three branch shaped gold–hair clips because sometimes it's just nice to channel your inner dryad (aka tree nymph) in everyday life.

    21. A loose-fitting ruffled tunic dress that you can pretty much wear all year 'round — with tights and a jacket in cooler temps, or with sandals when it's warmer out — and feel incredibly comfy in, because it's basically a big, stylish t-shirt.

    22. A car scratch buffer so you can significantly improve any accidental swipe marks but don't have to shell out the big bucks to get pretty much the exact same results you would at a body shop.

    23. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey — it's basically one of the ultimate condiments, because it adds a spicy-sweet kick to things like salad dressing, marinades, pizza, peanut butter toast, cheese, and even ice cream.

    24. A bottle of Barkeeper's Friend soft scrub because it can make the most stubborn mystery stains vanish, whether it's scratches in your porcelain sink, rust on your stainless steel, layers of food cooked onto the surface of your gas stove, burnt gunk on the bottom of your pots and pans, or a dozen other things.

    25. A semi-adjustable blinds dusting tool with washable microfiber that'll also squish to clean your car's air vents — it can dust both sides of two blinds at once, which might just cut your blinds-dusting time in half, if not more. (You have much better things to do with your time!)

    26. An oversized but lightweight silky-soft sleep mask that will block out every bit of light without falling off your face multiple times every night, thanks to its two adjustable straps (one goes above your ears, and the other goes below).

    27. A pack of LED dimming sheets because your computer charger, internet router, and other electronics have exactly zero business keeping you awake at night (or even just annoying you) with their overly bright lights.

    28. A set of six Shoe Slotz, which are space-savers that literally let you double up each pair so you can fit twice as many shoes in exactly the same amount of space.

    29. A quart-size cold brew coffee maker (aka about 4.5 cups) so you can make enough delicious caffeine in one (overnight!) sitting to last for almost your entire work week, no need to spend time making something each morning *or* waiting in the line at the coffee chain.

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