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23 Inexpensive "Shark Tank" Products People Actually Swear By

*buys everything on this list*

1. A pack of two silicone microwave covers that also multitask as a trivet, potholder, food cover, and jar opener.

2. A nearly-silent fidget toy small enough to slip discreetly into your pocket to help get you through work meetings, and quiet enough that no one will notice.

3. A reusable silicone zip bag you can use to pack snacks and sandwiches, steam veggies in the microwave, and even seal up sous vide, if you're fancy enough to cook like that.

4. A set of two magnetic glasses holders, so you can stop searching high and low every time you realize you need your reading glasses.

5. A set of two miniature spatulas — they reach into even the deepest corners of makeup bottles and food jars so you can use every. last. bit. of product.

6. A packet of water bottle cleaning tablets that also scour out coffee pots, pressure cookers, and basically anything with stubborn stains that regular soap and water don't even come close to helping.

7. An acupressure back-and-body massager so you can get relief for the tension in your back (and shoulders, and feet, and legs) ~on demand~.

8. A box of heavy-duty grease-cutting cleaning wipes that you can keep in your garage to tackle all kinds of messes, no drippy soap-and-water required.

9. A seat gap filler for when you're tired of accidentally dropping your phone down in the crack of no return for the two-thousandth-time in the past year.

10. A smiley-faced sponge with a mouth that opens to make cleaning all of your silverware a simple matter of swipe-and-wipe.

11. A silicone ~Frywall~ that fits snugly in your skillets and sauté pans so you can cook all kinds of food in oil without coating your entire stovetop — and the rest of the kitchen — in a fine mist of sticky oil that smells like whatever you cooked.

12. A memory foam neck pillow with a hoodie attached because sometimes it's easier to doze of on an airplane or bus if you can just block out the rest of the world.

13. A Squatty Potty toilet stool to make pooping easier and faster because it aligns everything in a more natural way.

14. A rolling bag that expands to fill with all kinds of stuff — teaching supplies, cleaning products, or even groceries — then folds up to store nice and neatly in a cabinet or closet.

15. A tube of Nerdwax to keep your glasses firmly in place on your face, so you can stop pushing them up every time they slip a little.

16. A whole-grain, protein-packed pancake and waffle mix that you can use in all sorts of recipes as a substitute for white flour.

17. Two bottles of a natural all-purpose cleaner perfect for anyone who's sensitive to scents or harsh ingredients in regular cleaners.

18. Reusable, washable towels made from bamboo to reduce your reliance on single-use paper towels and help the world's forests — and your wallet — breathe a sigh of relief.

19. Pop-up cards that don't just say just the right thing — they're basically a little gift in and of themselves.

20. A ramen cooker because sometimes you just have to enjoy a cheap meal, fast.

21. A cute frog with a velcro strap to attach to your carrier handle or stroller so your kiddo can always reach a pacifier (or you always know where to find one, at least).

22. A snug-fit undershirt for anyone who sweats too much — it has built-in padding that soaks up your sweat before it forms a ring on your dress shirt.

23. A box of soap nuts laundry soap perfect if you have sensitive skin, allergies, eczema, or other issues with conventional detergents.

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