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    59 Gifts We're Wishing For This Year

    From cozy jackets to quirky books to useful kitchen gadgets, here's what BuzzFeed's Shopping & Products team is wishing for this year.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We (the members of BuzzFeed's Shopping & Products team) will be writing dozens and dozens and dozens of gift guides over the course of the holiday season.

    As we hunt down gifts for you (the readers of the website), we end up discovering a lot of things that we'd personally love to own. This post is filled with those things.

    1. A splurge-worthy convection toaster oven that'll cook food quicker than your regular oven without turning your kitchen into a fiery inferno.

    2. A classic and roomy leather tote for making you and all your shit look put together (if only on the outside).

    3. Glitter boots that are *not* too extra, no matter what anyone says.

    4. A sloth daily calendar so every day is the best day of your life.

    5. A flippable Belgian waffle maker for restaurant-quality, airy waffles at home (AKA you can spend all that saved brunch money on at-home mimosas).

    6. A pair of amazing chino pants tailored to be just as comfy as they are stylish.

    7. A holiday candle that will fill your apartment and your heart with holiday cheer.

    8. The iconic wine glasses from Scandal.

    9. Stuffed animals any child (or adult) would totally love.

    10. Linen sheets because your bed deserves beautiful clothes.

    11. The most extra LEGO Architecture kit you’ve ever seen of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum.

    12. A trench coat that will make you feel like a model walking down Fifth Avenue (without the Fifth Avenue price).

    13. The most luxurious pair of Converse Chucks you'll ever encounter (velvet! studs!).

    14. A Nintendo Switch (because Mario Odyssey looks really fun).

    15. A super warm teddy coat to wear with not-so-warm party outfits. A cold night out on the town will actually be tolerable — maybe even enjoyable — when wrapped in this.

    16. Literally anything from Pat McGrath Labs, *the* most sought-out brand for MINDBLOWINGLY REGAL AND SPARKLY makeup looks (just look and ~try~ not to drool).

    17. A box of cookies to fill your cookie jar and your stomach.

    18. An Away "bigger" carry-on bag with a gold monogram, so even when you're shoved into the last row in coach (and can hear every flush of the airplane toilet), you still feel like you're traveling in style.

    19. A book filled with photos of severely loved/worn down children's toys that adults kept their entire life. It'll feed your sentimental (and slightly creepy) soul.

    20. A voluminous scarf blouse that is ready to be the most extra shirt you will ever own.

    21. A coffin portable charger to match a coffin phone case.

    22. A tote that's a decent substitute for the doggo of your dreams.

    23. A pair of ruffled heels to pretend you're starting the new year by putting your best foot forward. Emphasis on pretend.

    24. A luxurious and versatile cashmere wrap that's 100% worth the investment.

    25. A box of cake truffles to reward yourself for making it through not just the holiday season, but all of 2017.

    26. A pair of presentable Ugg boots for keeping your feet warm without looking too bulky.

    27. An adorable wireless speaker that'll help you channel your inner rock 'n' roller regardless of what you choose to play on it.

    28. Shearling ankle boots, because it's 2017 and you can have it all (as long as "it all" is beautiful shoes and warm feet).

    29. A mid-century chair — you won't be able to wait to plop down in it after a long day of work.

    30. A suede shirt jacket that won’t cost a fortune compared to designer labels.

    31. The new Smitten Kitchen cookbook (Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites).

    32. Edgar Allen Poe socks for all Poe-lka dot fans. Your feet have never experienced such culture.

    33. A pair of Fenty x Puma creepers so you can tap into just a corner-piece of Rihanna’s fashion greatness.

    34. A heavy, faux shearling jacket for anyone who needs something to motivate them out of their heated apartment and into the cold hard streets.

    35. A statue of a sleepy pug you can name "Puddles" and treasure forever.

    36. A pair of brightly colored earrings (by Trina Turk) that almost look like little caterpillars o' jewels.

    37. An eye-catching, shimmery lip balm for unicorn-approved lips.

    38. A handsome camo parka to keep you wintertime fly without feeling like you're wearing a marshmallow-stuffed pillow.

    39. A long, sleek Everlane wallet in a grown-up color.

    40. A copy of Stephen King's On Writing so you'll no longer feel like a sham as 1) a King fan and 2) a writer.

    41. A tote for telling the world how you're feeling 24/7 this winter: COLD.

    42. A tumbler, because being an adult often means realizing you won't get to live out your dreams.

    43. A pair of Marilyn Manson socks that would look so good with your favorite ankle boots.

    44. A Harry Styles biography guaranteed to make anyone who's a fan cry and scream for joy. Hey, maybe it'll turn everyone else into a devoted fan, too.

    45. A cozy, cute demon baby-doll who'll definitely keep all the (other) monsters away at night.

    46. The legendary Blue Tansy face mask that looks as pretentious as it costs.

    47. A New York subway train sign to hang in your apartment so you can get updates on the arrival times of your subway.

    48. A raincoat that will genuinely make you wish for rain.

    49. A T-shirt commemorating Weird Al's "Amish Paradise" because the song will never not make you laugh.

    50. This Italian-made purse by Miu Miu because you're worth it, damn it!

    51. A curved glass and antique brass night stand that’s the definition of chic.

    52. Deep emerald green Timberland winter boots with velvet accents perfect for tromping through city streets in the height of luxury.

    53. A hilarious book of horrible inventions sure to make you feel way better about your failed zip-up underwear idea.

    54. High-rise Madewell denim jeans in a classic blue color that you'll never get sick of.

    55. A sleek and sexy record player to listen to your bops, jams, and bangers.

    56. A pair of studded ankle booties that'll look cute with everything. You'll want to wear them 24/7.

    57. A neon wall light to inspire your everyday bold lipstick lewk.

    58. Earrings that will make every party look so freakin' festive.

    59. And a premium dutch oven so you can try out those delicious new recipes featured in food magazines.

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