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    46 Things We’ve Been Eyeing From This Year’s Cyber Monday Sales

    From Amazon devices to skinny jeans to luxe eyeshadow palettes, here's what BuzzFeed's Shopping & Products team is thinking about buying during this day o' deals.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    FYI — deals move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately.

    1. An Alexa for 40% off, because why shouldn’t you live out your best Smart House dreams/nightmares?

    2. A Brava Smart Oven for $250 off that uses state of the art technology, an intense catalog of chef-created recipes, and your own preferences to cook, heat, and reheat all your favorite meals.

    3. A luxurious wool cocoon coat for 50% off to help you make it through the winter in warmth *and* style.

    4. A woman yelling at cat print for 50% off, because I am a meme-literate youth. Some days I'm Smudge the cat, while other days I'm 100% Taylor from RHOBH. Occasionally I am both.

    5. A matte eyeshadow palette for 49% off to help you create a gorgeous blend of warm-and cool-toned colors (plus, each palette is infused with Amazonian clay to help prevent that dreaded chalkiness).

    6. A pair of splurge-worthy over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman boots for 25% off that'll go with everything: jeans, sweater dresses, and having to eat ramen every night for the rest of the year to pay off these babies.

    7. A set of three knives for 20% off, because besides just plain looking gorgeous (I imagine I'd get that true little spark of joy every time I pulled one of of my drawer), they have a comfortable, soft-touch grip; a slope and from the handle to the blade to make them safer; and between the three, would be able to tackle like, 99% of the slicing, dicing, and chopping I ever need to do.

    8. A Glossier Play Colorslide Pencil for 20% off — you don't have to be in Euphoria (or even watch it!) to hop on the chic, experimental eye look trend.

    9. A portable projector for 15% off so you can snuggle up with the one you love and binge-watch your fave show on a big ol' screen from the comfort of home.

    10. A classic jean jacket for 40% off...with a bit of a twist (a sherpa twist, to be specific).

    11. Glossier Brow Flick for 20% off — aka the easy and hassle-free way to achieve natural looking brow strokes. All it takes is a few flick, flick, flicks and you’re set.

    12. A pastel faux fur maxi coat for 30% off to make you feel like the most fabulous person alive all winter long.

    13. A velvet Rifle Paper Co. quilt for 30% off that's covered in stunning florals so you can still enjoy a *touch* of springtime vibes without having to deal with seasonal allergies. Just like Hannah Montana, this quilt is going to give you the ~best of both worlds~.

    14. A porthole gown for 20% off we know you're gonna love a ~hole~ lot.

    15. A modern LED lamp task lamp for 20% off that'll double as a wireless charging pad to become your bedside must-have. It also features a USB port so you can charge your phone *and* iPad at once. Wired charging is a thing of the past; it's time to update your life and your bedroom decor.

    16. Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster for 25% off to help give your skin the nutrition it craves and keep it radiant and glowing all winter long.

    17. A whimsical winter beanie for 50% off featuring a Frenchie with heart sunglasses on to warm both your head and your heart.

    18. A classic pair of black jeans for 40% off that pair with everything in your closet and are so comfy you’ll grab them day after day after day.

    19. A steel dish rack for 20% off that's large enough to fit multiple dishes and mugs PLUS cutlery, but small enough to permanently live on your counter and not hog up too much precious space. With the handy water spout, you'll successfully avoid the annoying water puddle that accompanies most dish racks *and* can I just say how sleek this rack is???

    20. A Cosrx vitamin C serum for 20% off formulated with black chokeberry and 20% vitamin C to fade hyperpigmentation, brighten dull skin, and smooth skin texture so come the holidays, your skin will be looking its best.

    21. A hand massager for 32% off because, sigh, it’s finally time to start giving your hands and wrists some extra TLC.

    22. A Tarte volumizing mascara for 57% off to stock up on ~splurge-worthy~ beauty without actually breaking the bank — both your lashes and savings account will thank you.

    23. Sparkly rings for 73% off — at such an amazingly low price, you might as well stock up and give them to your cousins, mom, sister, BFF...maybe even strangers you pass on the street.

    24. An Amazon FireStick for 50% off so you can finally stop borrowing one from your family and can stream your favorite shows and movies anytime you want.

    25. An Aretha Franklin poster for 20% off so you can always be inspired by THE number one diva and musical legend.

    26. A snuggly thermal pajama set for 35% off, because it’s about time you threw away those shorts from college that you normally wear to bed (they've seen much, much better days).

    27. A six-drawer dresser for 30% off with a round edged silhouette and enough room to store all the clothes you *also* get on this sacred, consumerist holiday.

    28. A tell-all bookfor 42% off about Queen Elizabeth II written by her personal assistant of 25 years Angela Kelly — a must-have for any true royal fanatic.

    29. Spanx moto leggings for 20% off with tons of detailing, because one needs more than one pair of faux-leather leggings, OK?!

    30. A Hydro Flask for 25% off for keeping your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, or your hot drinks hot for is hours. Ya know, the way you intended to drink them.

    31. A chic, chunky initial necklace for 35% off that'll help make every outfit (and necklace stack) worthy of a love ~letter~.

    32. A stunning sculptural menorah for 20% off in blackened cast iron that'll feel like a Hanukkah miracle.

    33. A blanket for $10 off, because this'll celebrate the glorious naps you took throughout 2019 and those you will undoubtedly continue to take in 2020.

    34. A miniature (nine ounce) leak-proof, insulated, reusable water bottle for 25% off if you've been upping your water intake and want a lightweight option that you can throw in your big purses for going to the movies or just being out and about.

    35. A fleece cowl neck jacket for 50% off that’ll be like wearing a giant fluffy hug all winter long — and I think we could all use that now that it gets dark about halfway through the day.

    36. A Fujifilm smartphone printer for 25% off so you can turn your favorite digital pics into IRL memories and hang them up all over the place.

    37. A printed lace-up boot for 40% off that'll make you say "Moooove over, losers!" to all your sad, basic shoes.

    38. A Dagne Dover crossbody bag for 20% off made from neoprene AKA the most durable material ever. It's super light, water-resistant, and fade-resistant. Not to mention it features a key leash, a phone slot, multiple internal pockets, and zippers for full protection. Gimme gimme Gimme.

    39. A family-size air fryer for 20% off — sometimes you want to eat a family-size portion of fries. It’s much easier (and quicker) to use than an oven and the results are far crispier.

    40. A tube of Glossier Balm Dotcom for 20% off to help keep chapped-prone lips feeling moisturized and soft allllll dry season long.

    41. A pair of Fila Disruptors for 25% off so you can change up your style this season and add a timeless flair to all your future ~kewl~ looks.

    42. A minimalist, five-tiered shoe rack for 20% off so you can feel like some kind of lifestyle guru every time you peer over at your ingenious use of vertical space.

    43. A pair of gender-inclusive micromodal trunks for 30% off that are so comfy, you’ll want to replace all your undies with these.

    44. A pair of Sperry J. Crew winter boots for 50% off that are both stylish *and* cozy, because that's the true snow boot dream. And it's finally come true!

    45. A Ninja Foodi for $27 off for a 9-in-1 device that functions as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, *and* air! fryer! Oh, and more.

    46. A proper gym bag for 20% off that you won't mind dragging to work and back home, if need be.

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