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    27 Hair Products You Can Get At Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    "Hairdo or hairdo not, there is no try." —Yoda

    1. A biotin shampoo that uses nutrient-rich botanicals like B5 zinc and coconut oil to nourish your hair and stimulate your scalp, removing any buildup that may be blocking your pores and helping your hair strands get strong. Believe me, this stuff is really gonna ~grow~ on you.

    2. A brush dryer that'll give you a salon-worthy style, with bouncy volume and a smooth finish, in half the time it usually takes you to blow-dry your hair with a standard dryer.

    3. A dry shampoo sure to keep your hair grease-free no matter how often you decide to hit your snooze button and skip that pesky morning shower.

    4. A blue shampoo for anyone who wants Elsa-white blonde hair without the complicated Disney ice-queen side effects.

    5. A moisturizing oil so anyone with dry hair can be mor-rockin' healthy, nourished hair from now on.

    6. An almost irresponsibly cheap set of hair extensions with easy clip-in attachments and a gorgeous finished look. We know you've been waiting a ~long~ time to get your hands on affordable locks this luscious.

    7. A high-carbon steel blade clipper set with color-coded blades that'll make cutting your hair as easy as brushing it (literally).

    8. A leave-in conditioner made with certified organic raw shea butter and black castor oil to truly rejuvenate dry, damaged hair. Like my grandma always says, "Everything's better with (shea) butter."

    9. A lightweight detangling brush to get out the worst knots in any hair type without causing breakage or pain. Plus, this thing has some serious ~curve~ appeal.

    10. A volumizing hairspray lightweight enough for making really fine hair look full, styled, and well, really fine.

    11. A color deposit shampoo so strong you're gonna forget your stylist's name before you need to go back to get a touch-up.

    12. A root touch-up spray for anyone who has no interest in going back to their ~roots~.

    13. Or a root touch-up powder that'll shrink strong hairlines and redefine roots in the amount of time it takes you to add some blush.

    14. An infrared hair dryer to give your hair shine, softness, and totally eliminate frizz, so you don't have to get heated over a poor quality dryer.

    15. An anti-dandruff shampoo that controls itching, flaking, and scaling with just two washes a week. This stuff is gonna keep your head from being as flakey as you are when your friends ask you to go out on a Friday night.

    16. A pack of curling rods you can put on at night to sleep your way to perfect curls. These rods are where the term "beauty sleep" comes from. I'm pretty sure.

    17. A 40-volume bleach kit with easy-to-follow instructions for lightening your hair safely (and inexpensively) at home — this stuff just might make you realize you were meant to be a blonde all along.

    18. A nylon-bristle brush set in an anti-static rubber pad that'll almost magically keep your hair polished without any pulling.

    19. A strengthening treatment sure to make your straw-like bleached strands so much smoother you're gonna say "~Hay~! I can't believe this is my hair!"

    20. A deep waver to give you hair so glamorous people will think you came straight out of the '50s. But really, get ready to make some ~waves~ with this thing.

    21. A lightweight heat protectant spray that'll guard your hair from the damaging heat you use to get hot.

    22. A natural jojoba and keratin sulfate free conditioner which might not foam up, but it's still gonna wash away all your worries about having dry or damaged hair.

    23. A microfiber hair towel for anyone ready to throw down the towel over how long it takes to dry their hair. This helps your hair dry more than twice as fast, with less than half of the effort it took with just a dryer.

    24. A detangling scalp brush that'll massage your scalp, promoting hair growth and cleansing your hair of any bulky buildup near your roots.

    25. A ceramic curling wand to save the day when all you want is a simple beach wave and your standard curling iron is being a ~beach~ to use.

    26. A quinoa protein hair mask with jojoba oil, keratin, and aloe vera that'll be ~vera~ moisturizing (while also protecting your hair from UV rays).

    27. And finally, a straightener with heat settings made specifically for all hair types, for those of us who need ~straight~ forward directions when it comes to styling our hair.

    When you leave the house after using any of these products.

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