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    17 Of The Best Products For Thin Hair You Can Get On Amazon

    Shampoos, conditioners, magic serums, and lightweight oils that WON'T weigh down your mane. Dare I say, it'll give it some ~va-va-volume~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dry shampoo with a weightless formula that'll absorb excess oil, sure. But the winner winner chicken dinner? It'll also give your hair some VOLUME.

    Just spray this formula into your roots, brush it out, and BAM! Your hair will look clean, refreshed, and full within seconds.

    Promising review: "This is my favorite dry shampoo! I've tried a handful of other brands, from inexpensive to expensive, and this one takes the cake for me. It smells lovely, it works great, and it actually adds volume. One thing my stylist taught me is that you have to work dry shampoo into your hair like you would normal shampoo β€” so work it in to get the results! That advice mixed with this product is a recipe for success! Plus, you can't beat the price!" β€”Lynn

    Price: $3.89

    2. A deep conditioning mask formulated with keravis protein and argan oil to repair and strengthen your hair. I don't like to throw the phrase "holy grail" around, but..., / Via @evahairnyc

    This mask is particularly great for fine, thin hair because it moisturizes without making your mane greasy in the process. And as someone who has thin hair prone to oiliness...that's pretty damn hard to find.

    Psst, you can also use this mask as a regular conditioner!

    Promising review: "THIS STUFF IS MY HOLY GRAIL. I was not blessed with luscious locks. I have thin, lifeless, shoulder-length, color-treated blonde hair. I use this as a normal conditioner, and it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. I just leave it in for a few minutes and wash normally, and it leaves my hair so soft and extremely manageable. Plus, the price is great for the amount of product you receive!" β€”Laura Hart

    Price: $14.24

    3. A texturizing powder with a formula that absorbs moisture and can be ~reactivated~ when your hair falls flat. Just tousle your hair midday for more volume! / Via re

    Another great thing about this product? A little goes a long way AND the bottle is small enough to store in your bag.

    Promising review: "I have very thin hair and have tried everything. This is definitely my favorite hair product on the market! It adds texture at the root and, even though it leaves a slightly greasy texture that lets you tease your hair, it doesn't make your hair look greasy. This is a must-have!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $17.57 (for a pack of two)

    4. A sea salt shampoo that increases volume by up to 40%. How the HECK is that possible, you ask? You can thank the "caffeine vitality complex." / Via @johnfriedaus

    This caffeine complex will plump up your strands to thicken fine strands of hair. ALSO! This formula is safe for color-treated hair.

    Promising review: "After finishing the whole container of this shampoo, I have to say WOW. My hair is noticeably fuller without being coarse or rough. It is soft, shiny, holds better, and seems healthy! I was paying a fortune for other products that initially worked, but would eventually weigh my hair down into coarse, stick-like cartoon hair. This shampoo does a much better job at a fraction of the price." β€”Lori

    Price: $6.79

    5. A super hold hairspray you'll want to add to your cart ASAP. It doesn't flake, doesn't make your hair look stiff, will keep your blowout in place, and won't mat down your hair.,

    Promising review: "I have fine, thin hair and this is the best hair spray I've ever used. It doesn't make my hair look rigid, but my hair still stays put. With other sprays I've used in the past, my hair would stay in place for about an hour and then suddenly, it would be flat again. But this stuff helps my style stay put for hours, keeps it's body and volume, and doesn't look like it's been sprayed! This is on the more expensive side, but it's worth every penny." β€”bookreader

    Price: $15.87

    6. A volumizing tonic made with organic aloe, wheat amino acids, and essential oils to give your mane πŸ’ͺ body πŸ’ͺ and shine. / Via @aveda

    Promising review: "Love this product! I have really fine hair, so this tonic definitely adds volume without weighing down my hair or leaving me with oily build-up. I can still go a couple days without washing my hair, whereas other volumizing products I've used make my hair feel greasy after only a day." β€”Heather

    Price: $24.98

    7. A detangling conditioner that will thicken your hair and leave it shining brighter than Rihanna's diamonds without weighing it down in the process.

    This formula contains neroli, grapefruit, soy protein, coconut oil, and amino acids to nourish and detangle your hair.

    Promising review: "I have been using this for years on my thin, waist-length, straight hair. I love it! It's not heavy, smells lovely, and it lets me comb my hair out like a dream β€” no tangles! I can never be without it." β€”Tammy

    Price: $16

    8. Coconut water oil with electrolytes that hydrate brittle, damaged hair without making it look like you haven't showered in seven weeks.

    @ros3quartz_ / Via

    Lots of oils will leave your tresses feeling gross and greasy β€” but not this one! The formula is lightweight and won't weigh down your hair.

    Promising review: "I've tried so many different kinds of hair products, and this stuff is amazing! It does the impossible β€” it softens, hydrates, and adds shine, but doesn't feel oily. I iron, curl, and blow dry my hair, but this spray makes my hair look naturally straight and so soft. I can't stop touching it!" β€”SCB

    Price: $5.45

    9. A lightweight blow-dry spray guaranteed to have you believing in magic. This miracle formula resists frizz, provides heat protection, and reduces drying time by up to 50%... well as detangles and softens hair. And the best part? It's so lightweight, thin tresses won't feel like they're being weighed down.

    Promising review: "I use this every day! I have thin, wispy hair that cannot hold product without looking greasy, but I still need to protect my hair from heat! I use this product before straightening and it works perfectly and smells so good!" β€”kawhite3

    Price: $7.95

    10. A sea salt spray you'll want to pack in your beach bag, folks. This stuff instantly gives that tousled, messy, my-hair-is-naturally-this-voluminous look. / Via http://@t.beauty11,

    Just apply this sea salt spray to your damp hair and trick everyone into thinking you were just at the beach. Plus, this splurge-worthy formula smells delicious enough to eat. *pretends to be bathing in a sea of coconut milk*

    Promising review: "I have fine, thin hair. This spray gives it great body and texture, and I've tried sooo many different products in the past that just didn't achieve that result. To avoid weighing your hair down, all you'll need is a few sprays! Plus, I love the coconut scent. I'll definitely keep repurchasing!" β€”Jessica C.

    Price: $28

    11. Hair brushes likely made from magic bristles. These can detangle wet β€” or dry! β€” hair without breaking/pulling out strands in the process. Can I get an amen?

    Promising review: "This brush goes through tangles like a champ. I have thin hair that gets crazy matted after I shower, no matter what I do. This brush cuts out several minutes of brush-out time that I used to experience with my comb. I will keep these around forever!" β€”Michelle

    Price: $12.79 (for a pack of two)

    12. A lightweight texturizing spray made from Hawaiian black lava sea salt. This adds volume to AND prevents your hair from being damaged in the sun.

    Did I mention that this vegan formula is also paraben-, silicone-, alcohol-, and gluten-free?

    Promising review: "I've been wanting to try this for a while now, and I LOVE it. It's really great at enhancing wavy hair without making it too crispy, stringy, or heavy. Most other sea salt sprays are super drying, but this one is lightweight and moisturizing. Plus, it smells great!" β€”ticky128

    Price: $12.99

    13. A non-aerosol styling spray to keep your 'do in place and protect it from the heat β€” without making it feel heavy or crunchy.

    This styling spray is great because it provides heat protection without leaving your hair feeling like a pile of grease.

    Promising review: "This stuff is great! This adds just enough body to my fine hair without making it feel sticky or heavy." β€”Teresa C.

    Price: $13.51

    14. A paraben-free volume shampoo with cotton flower to ~plump~ up the jam β€” er, your fine hair β€” and make it as soft as silk. / Via @biolage

    Also, this shampoo gently cleanse your hair without stripping it of all natural oils, meaning it won't make it overly dry or brittle.

    Promising review: "I'm in LOVE with this shampoo. It smells like heaven, and the scent actually lingers for a few days. And not only does it give my fine, damaged hair a ton of volume, but it also makes it silky soft!" β€”Lynnie Lie

    Price: $14.99

    15. A curling wand that heats up within 30 seconds and has a 60 second automatic shut-off feature, meaning you'll never have any midday did-I-turn-off-my-curler panics ever again.,

    This easy-to-use curling wand creates gorgeous beach waves for both long and short hair, and is especially great for people with fine hair. Why? Because this wand creates curls that will ACTUALLY HOLD.

    I personally own this curling wand and cannot say enough good things about it. So cheap, so good.

    Promising review: "I have VERY thin, blonde, color-treated hair that usually falls limp within an hour or two (even after a substantial amount of hair spray). But with this wand? The curls last all day long, and were even in tact the morning after! I highly recommend this for anyone who has the sample fine-hair troubles as me." β€”Nicole C.

    Price: $21.96

    16. A nettle dry shampoo because the worst thing about having thin hair is that it gets greasy and stringy .5 seconds after you shower, am I right? / Via @kloraneusa

    This dry shampoo absorbs excess oil like a champ, and will trick the world into thinking that you've actually just showered.

    Promising review: "This is it! This is the winner! Finally, I've found a dry shampoo that can tackle my thin, fine, greasy hair. I've gone through tons of different dry shampoos and this is by far the best. My hair was greasy from coconut oil this morning, but after spraying this on? It's full of body and doesn't look stringy or greasy whatsoever." β€”Jade

    Price: $20

    17. A body and texture amplifier made with wheat protein to give thin hair a ridiculous amount of volume. Gretchen Wieners, who?

    PRO TIP! Spray this into towel-dried hair and then blow dry. The result? Thick, lustrous locks that look worthy of a shampoo commercial.

    Promising review: "This spray works wonders! It leaves my hair full of body once dry, and I highly recommend this if you have fine hair and need a lift. I've tried a zillion products in the past, but this by far the best one!" β€”AzJewelryDiva

    Price: $14.50

    Me, showing off the new volume in my 'do:

    Columbia Pictures

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