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    This Argan Oil Conditioner Has Brought Thousands Of People's Hair Back To Life

    Get salon-quality tresses for just a hair of the cost thanks to this Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner!!!

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    Attention universe: we do NOT appreciate the constant battle of keeping our hair frizz-free outside the safety of our homes. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I can feel a full-on war on my head the minute there's .05% humidity.


    ^^ Me practically kicking my office's door down after foolishly walking outside when there's a 1% chance of rain.

    So grab the tissues, because I just discovered this Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner ($9.69+ on Amazon) that I've now decided was put on this earth to fulfill every person's dream of having silky, smooth hair.

    Promising review: "I've used so many different conditioners in my life, from drugstore to high-end brands. I always see people with shiny hair, but nothing has ever worked on my hair. I have very straight, thin hair. A lot of conditioners weigh it down. This conditioner not only doesn't weigh my hair down but makes my hair shiny and healthy-looking! My hair usually feels so dry but I've found my go-to conditioner! So happy I found this!" β€”Sara S.

    It's packed with ~18~ different silk amino acids to soften and smooth strands, jojoba and argan oils to strengthen, protect, and provide shine, and β€” drumroll please β€” botanical keratin to replenish low keratin levels (aka what your hair needs to look extra-silky).

    10 by 10 Entertainment

    AND it's all-natural and cruelty-free! Be still, my heart. Btw, this is available in three sizes β€” I'll probably need the biggest one since I basically use an entire bottle per night.

    Not to mention it has 5,201 five-star reviews and a 4.0 rating on Amazon!

    Promising review: "I have finally found what I have been looking for. For years and years I have damaged my hair. I'm constantly bleaching, then back to black, then bright red. Repeating this over and over. Finally I dyed my hair close to my natural color and have been letting it grow out for about five months now. My new hair is healthy, but the rest is just awful β€” and there is not enough new hair for me to feel comfortable cutting it. I have used so many conditioners that barely even worked. This is the first one that worked wonders. Now my hair lays flat, there’s no frizz, and my hair is gorgeous and ridiculously shiny without being or looking greasy. All in all, I 100000% suggest this, especially if your hair is as damaged, thick, and as frizzy as mine." β€”McKinsey

    Of course, seeing is believing, so here's a before-and-after that just singlehandedly got my credit card ready. This conditioner doesn't just ~mask~ damaged hair, it actually nourishes it back to health!

    Promising review: "I love this conditioner! I have naturally curly hair that had gotten very dry. I would describe it 'like straw' unless I added a bunch of oil to it. I have been trying different shampoo/conditioners for about a year, but this one is a keeper! I have already re-ordered. I've been using it almost three weeks. With just one use, my hair felt healthier. The hair strands themselves feel thicker, heavier, and with good curls. There is no stickiness, just normal, nice hair! I fully recommend this product to anyone with naturally curly hair! Oh, and the smell is just heavenly β€” an added perk!" β€”Barb

    Seriously, whether you have curly, straight, color-treated, damaged, or anything in-between hair (πŸ™‹), your locks will look healthy AF without getting weighed down thanks to its lightweight formula.

    Promising review: "My first use was last night and I felt an immediate difference. I have mixed hair and it's really curly. My hair immediately began drinking this stuff up. It made my hair feel so soft and my curls were brought back to life instantly. Usually my curls have straight ends due to damage, but not this time! I am amazed. I am still amazed by how curly and healthy my hair looked just from one try." β€”Queen B

    I can't even tell you how much money I've wasted on expensive products that fall β€” ironically β€” flat. And this is only $10?! I could kiss my screen.

    Promising review: "Ok guys β€” this conditioner is a miracle! Ive had poofy, frizzy, weird, wavy hair all my life. I've been straightening my hair for 10 years almost daily because I hated my fluffy, frizzy hair (and have dyed it maybe 15 times). I've tried many high-end, salon-quality conditioners and shampoos, and although some would leave my hair so soft, they never really de-frizzed it. Well after just one use of this, it left my hair so soft and un-frizzy! I'm in shock, really." β€”eli

    It's really great for bringing fine, color-treated hair back to life! You usually have to spend hundreds for treatments if your hair is damaged from heat-styling or dyeing, so this is definitely worth a try.

    Promising review: "My hair is very fine. One strand is practically invisible. Needless to say, it can get damaged very easily. I have to color-treat my hair, because I started going white (not gray, white) when I was in my teens. My hair is so delicate that I can only leave processors on for half the time or it fries; even at the salon. Finally getting to the point; this product is amazing. My hair is now soft, shiny and sleek β€” and it's naturally curly. I feel like I have the hair I had as a child again!" β€”Kindle Customer

    I haven't even brought up its vanilla scent yet, which is ~heavenly~. I now proclaim it normal to smell your own hair at work.

    Promising review: "I was a little skeptical about purchasing this product. Now I'm just in love. This conditioner gets the job done. I've been searching for a inexpensive conditioner that will gently moisturize my hair. This is definitely a winner. I have very thick curly hair that can get very dry and frizzy. Goodness this product smells so good. So if you're like me and want a conditioner that smells good, truly moisturizes your hair at a reasonable price, and doesn't leave your hair feeling deprived, buy this product." β€”Shaniece Hill

    This reviewer even went from brunette, to blonde, to brunette again and was able to keep her hair shiny and healthy-looking the whole darn time. Color me impressed.

    Promising review: "Over a year ago I started buying this conditioner to rescue my fine, fraying hairs from the torture of bleach and help prevent my ends from breaking off on my journey to becoming blonde. After about three weeks, my hair stylist wanted to know what I was using on my hair! She couldn’t believe what great condition my once brittle weak hairs were in. About nine months into this journey to platinum I met a man who I fell for, and, craving a switch up β€” I agreed to go dark again. My hair stylist was...well, pissed. But she complied and pulled off the most gorgeous chocolate bombshell bob ever. Stick with Silk 18 if you want to keep the length of your hair while asking your hair stylist to perform Hogwarts-level coloring maneuvers on your hair." β€”K_Scofield

    Get it from Amazon for $10.20+ (available in three sizes).

    OR! Use Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" feature to get this delivered to your door every month for $9.69/month (saving you 5%)! And check out the rest of the best beauty products you can subscribe to on Amazon!

    Let's all say goodbye to frizzy hair once and for all in unison:


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