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    25 Things That'll Help You Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

    Luscious locks are within reach!

    1. An affordable, raved-about curler for a perfect amount of oomph when your regular hair is looking a little flat or blah — and it heats up super quickly, maintains its temperature, and has a long cool grip so you can hold the other end without hurting yourself.

    2. For a heatless option, a pack of flexible curling rods that let you ~customize~ your curls to your desired dimensions — and without an inch of damage!

    3. A Wet Brush with flexible bristles that are super soft on both wet and dry hair — so you can tackle those knots as soon as they start forming in the shower. No more painful tugging in your future!

    4. A cult fave leave-in treatment that eliminates frizz, restores shine, and enhances the ~natural body~ of your hair — listen, your strands will feel so silky smooth, that you'll find yourself becoming a customer for life.

    5. A luxuriously soft silk pillowcase to treat your hair like the royal crown that it is — and ya know, prevent friction-created frizz, tangling, and that other thing commonly known as bedhead. Plus, it feels so cooling and nice!

    6. A beloved bonding treatment that uses a patented, professional-grade formula to rebuild broken bonds within your hair caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage — it's an actual lifesaver for color-treated hair.

    7. A fan-favorite anti-residue shampoo — *points to 4.6 Amazon rating and 1.6k reviews* — can get rid of excess buildup and product, while boosting volume and shine. Hello, hair reset!

    8. A super soft microfiber towel that'll easily wrap around your whole head to absorb moisture from wet hair, so you don't have to resort to using heat and subjecting your hair to extra damage — and it's *way* gentler than a traditional towel, btw.

    9. Or, if you're a forever heat fan, an effective and long-lasting hair dryer with three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button — all powered by tourmaline technology and a powerful motor to cut down drying time and prevent frizz.

    10. A nifty, palm-sized massage brush that should be used in the shower to help stimulate blood circulation in your scalp, relieve itchiness/flakiness and dandruff, and exfoliate any product buildup or skin residue away in a flash — hello, satisfaction!

    11. A body-building hairspray with a ~customizable nozzle~ for adjusting the particle size and spray rate to your desired settings (!!!), which results in ample airiness and movement to your hair — and it offers heat protection up to 450 degrees.

    12. A three-minute (!!!) conditioning mask to transform your lackluster and frizzy locks into the airbrushed results of a luscious, salon-quality blowout. And at just $5, it basically pays for itself!

    13. Cute telephone cord-like hair ties that won't leave a single dent in your hair — or worse, actually pull out some strands — plus, who doesn't love the nostalgia factor?

    14. A fortified, all-in-one hair essence with ingredients like snail mucin, keratin, moringa seed oil, and collagen that absorb instantly (don't let the texture fool ya!) to boost shine, repair heat damage, and totally control frizz — so, whether your hair is colored or naturally frazzled, you can achieve silky strands.

    15. A divine-smelling, rich curling cream that'll moisturize even the driest of curls, adds body and definition, and minimizes frizz — all while being free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone.

    16. A cooling, fizzing (hello, micro-bubbles!), and detoxifying foam for a good ol' reset on your hair: it uses micellar water, salicylic acid, and a nourishing blend of caffeine and vitamins to deep cleanse and remove dead skin cells from your scalp — all without drying out or stripping it.

    17. A restorative moringa-infused hair oil that smoothes away frizz and tackles any frizz and flyaways from root to tip — it's basically the equivalent of a daily vitamin for your hair!

    18. A vegan color-depositing system with daily conditioners and weekly deep treatments to hydrate and fortify your hair, while adding or maintaining your fab color — without the heavy price tag of a salon touch-up or having to drench your hair in cold water (bless, because I love my warm showers).

    19. Semi-permanent hair dye for a fresh pop of pastel color that comes in a super easy to use kit and isn't intimidating to apply at all.

    20. Powder root cover up to help extend the time between in-salon touchups — plus, application is smooth (no crunch like with a spray) and it doesn't transfer afterwards.

    21. A nourishing coconut and fig hair mask that allows you to emerge as the winner in the never-ending fight against vicious humidity and deeply difficult, tangled hair — it also comes with a detangling brush to ensure that the product spreads out evenly and coats every last inch!

    22. A sea salt texturing spray to scrunch into your hair and boost otherwise flat hair with loose, natural waves, without any feelings of stickiness, stiffness, or heaviness.

    23. A clear edge smoother that takes all but a few moments to lay your edges, so they *stay* sleek and under control all day long — and it doesn't flake or leave residue like a gel might.

    24. A simple headband with a detachable bow that ~ties~ your look together and keeps your hair out of your face — and even matches with your tiny person!

    25. A yuzu-infused and -scented shampoo and conditioner set that detangles and smoothes over frizzy hair and reinvigorates dry hair with quinoa, oil blends, and argan stem cells.

    "Hey, have you noticed my amazing hair??" —you to literally everyone

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