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    24 Tech Products That We Tried, Loved, And Highly Recommend

    Seriously, we're obsessed.

    1. A genius Tile Mate or Tile Slim that uses Bluetooth technology to keep tabs on your devices. You can attach one to your wallet, camera, keys — really, anything you don’t want to lose — and use the free Tile phone app to track them.

    2. A laptop stand that'll elevate your computer or laptop to a more comfortable height. It's not only super sleek but incredibly lightweight so you can set it up anywhere in your house.

    3. A Fujifilm Instax Mini that's both a camera and a printer. It has the basic features of a digital camera (like built-in storage, cool filters, and fun, animated frames) but will also allow you to print pictures from your phone.

    A small camera with two instant photographs beside it

    4. A pack of screen protectors that'll save your phone screen from cracking if you drop it. They're made of extra durable tempered glass and super thin so they won't interfere with the sensitivity of your touchscreen.

    5. A Kindle that'll let you carry your impressive library collection with you at all times. It comes with extra storage and has a long-lasting battery so you can read whatever you want with the touch of a button.

    6. A soothing sound machine that'll block out the disruptive noises around you with 20 different tracks of white noise. You can use it during the day while you work or study or play it at night and let it lull you to sleep.

    A person sitting on a couch and reading with a small sound machine on the table next to hem

    7. A pair of wireless over-ear headphones that are all about that bass (and treble). They'll last up to 80 hours on a single charge and they have a built-in microphone so you can make hands-free phone calls while you're on the go.

    8. A ring light that'll make you shine bright like a diamond. It has three brightness levels and a flexible phone mount so you'll always have perfect lighting while you video chat, apply makeup, take selfies, and film TikToks.

    9. A Philips Wake-Up Light for anyone who wants to become more of a morning person. It has a warm light that gets brighter and brighter before your alarm goes off, mimicking the sunrise and making it easier for you to wake up every morning.

    10. A wireless charger that's a faster and more efficient way to charge your phone than plugging it in. It's compatible with most smartphones and will charge them even when the case is on. There's a special coating on the surface to keep your device from slipping off while it's charging.

    11. A UV sanitizer that'll disinfect your phone and other small items (like your headphones, keys, and glasses). It also has two ports at the back so you can charge your phone at the same time.

    12. A Bluetooth speaker that may be small but is mighty when it comes to sound. Thanks to the speaker’s 360° coverage, your music will remain rich and clear from any direction.

    The black rectangular speaker that's shorter than a candle on a bookshelf with gold lettering that says Marshall

    13. A flexible phone mount that'll clip to your bed, desk, or breakfast tray so you won't have to hold up your phone while you watch TV or video chat.

    14. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll provide a much-needed escape for any video game lover. It has a compact, lightweight design with a huge backlit screen that you can use anytime and anywhere. You can also play the updated versions of classic '90s games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Legend of Zelda.

    A person's hand holding a Nintendo Switch Lite console

    15. And a pack of thumb grips that'll decorate the joysticks on your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite with a pair of paw-some prints. They're made with soft silicone that'll keep your fingers from feeling sore after playing a few hours of Animal Crossing.

    A person holding a Switch Lite console with silicone covers on the joysticks

    16. A pair of over-ear headphones that'll tune out the noise so you can concentrate on studying without being disturbed. They're the kind of headphone you'll want to keep in your bag because they're super lightweight, collapsible, and comfortable enough to wear all day.

    A smiling person wearing the over the ear headphones while looking off-camera

    17. A colourful case that'll protect your phone and look stylish while doing it. It has a cushy raised edge that'll add an extra layer of protection around your screen so it's less likely to shatter when you drop it.

    A person holding a phone case

    18. An Amazon Fire TV Stick that'll help you stream all your favourite shows and movies on your television. It's enabled with Alexa so you can find the show you're looking for with the press of a button.

    Jasmin holding the Fire TV Stick remote in their hand

    19. A handy PopSockets phone holder that'll make it easier to hold your phone, tablet, or Kindle for a long period of time. Plus, the acetate pattern will add a little sparkle to your case.

    A white kindle with a blue acetate popsocket, with the text "no more dropping my Kindle on my face when lying down"

    20. Or a super-cute PopSockets PopGrip with a built-in lip balm compact so your smackers are always moisturized and you'll never drop your device. We love a 2-in-1 product!

    21. A pair of wireless earphones that'll hook over your ears so you'll never miss a beat. They're sweat-resistant (making them great for working out) and they have a built-in microphone if you want to make calls while you're on the go.

    22. An adjustable stand that'll perch your phone at the perfect angle while you sit at your desk. The stand can hold your device whether it’s sitting vertically or horizontally and it’s tall enough to accommodate a charger.

    23. A Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush with a vibrating head that'll do most of the work for you, unlike a manual toothbrush. It senses when you’re brushing too hard and will alert you to lighten up. Plus, it has a built-in timer that’ll encourage you to brush for two minutes.

    Victoria holding up the toothbrush still in the box

    24. And finally, a pair of wireless earbuds that'll be practically invisible in your ears. Each one has two microphones so you'll sound crisp and clear during your Zoom meetings.

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