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    26 Random Things I Love And Use Almost Every Single Day

    Can't stop, won't stop using 'em.

    1. A tea strainer that'll make sure each sip is loose-leaf free. It has a screw-lid that'll let you steep your rooibos without a care in the world.

    The tea strainer next to its plate and a mug

    2. A pack of Cosrx pimple patches that'll literally suck the gunk out of your zits overnight. Now, let's be real: They won't make them completely disappear, but they will significantly help their appearance and speed up their healing process, too.

    3. An Ilia mascara that'll lengthen your lashes, without drying them out. It uses shea butter and beeswax that'll keep them feeling healthy, and stays on surprisingly well for how easy it is to take off at the end of the day.

    A person before using the mascara and the same person after putting it on, with visibly longer eyelashes

    4. This duvet cover set that'll feel soft and cozy on your bod, but won't destroy your wallet. The cover zips up, so you won't spend half an hour trying to button it up.

    A cozy bed showing off the duvet and pillows

    5. A pan rack that'll save you from stacking your skillets and scratching them. You can also use it to stash your pot lids and keep your cupboards neat.

    The pan racks with lids in one and skillets in the other

    6. A massage gun that'll help ease your sore muscles in between RMT sessions. It comes with six different massage heads, so you can really get a handle on those annoying knots (wherever they may be).

    The massage gun next to its six heads

    7. A hair diffuser for your blowdryer that’ll transform your frizzy waves into bouncy curls. It has a super-wide surface, so you won’t have to waste time sectioning off your hair off into a billion pieces.

    A before and after showing that the diffuser makes Brittany's hair waves much more defined and bouncy

    8. And a Revlon one-step blow dryer, when you want to smooth out that frizz and vibe with a straighter hairstyle. The bristles are wider than your typical blowout brush, so if you have thick or wavy locks, your hair won't get caught up in it.

    9. A set of resistance bands that'll tone your glutes, help with flexibility, and add a little extra spice to your next workout. They're super easy to store at home, which is truly a blessing if you live in a tiny apartment and don't have space for a bunch of equipment.

    10. A tub of Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Cream that'll rock your senses to heaven and back. If the deliciously-buttery scent isn't enough, it'll also leave behind a subtle shimmer once it's rubbed in.

    11. A plastic insulated water bottle that'll keep your aqua cold far past the end of your workout. It has a leak-proof lock, but the spout is self-sealing too —meaning it won't let any water out unless you squeeze it.

    12. A silk pillowcase that'll help keep your hair from breaking while you rest your sweet lil' head at night. It'll also help to keep your face hydrated while you sleep, unlike cotton pillowcases that tend to absorb moisture (along with your expensive night cream).

    13. A bottle of Olaplex Bonding Oil that'll revitalize your damaged locks and tame your frizz. It's super lightweight, so it won't weigh down your hair or make your tresses feel greasy at all.

    14. A weekly pill organizer that'll help you keep track of your daily vitamins and tablets. Each individual container is divided in two, so you can separate your a.m. doses from your p.m. ones.

    A person holding one of the pill containers in front of the whole pill storage box

    15. A pair of wireless earbuds that'll help you tune out the world while you WFH. They even come with an app that'll figure out what frequencies sound the best to your ears, for the optimal listening experience.

    16. A bottle of The Ordinary's hyaluronic acid, that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without it. Just pat a few drops onto your face right before you moisturize and watch your skin gobble up that hydration!

    A bottle of hyaluronic acid with its dropper

    17. These brush and scrubbing pad attachments for your drill, so you can give your apartment the deepest clean it's ever seen. It comes with 11 brushes, each in varying sizes and textures — to make sure no surface is left unwashed!

    18. A bottle of aloe-based lube that won't get sticky two minutes into your trip to pleasure town. It's made with 95% organic ingredients that shouldn't burn or irritate your more ~sensitive~ areas.

    A person holding the bottle of lube

    19. A cute shower cap that'll help make the most out of your hair masks. You can also use it when you're doing overnight hair treatments to avoid greasing up your pillows and bedsheets.

    A person taking a selfie in a mirror in a towel wearing the shower cap

    20. A Wacom drawing tablet, if you're a budding digital artist who doesn't want to spend all of their money. It comes with three design programs you can install for free, so you can get a real feel for that virtual drawing life before signing up for a pricy subscription.

    The wacom drawing tablet and stylus plugged into a laptop

    21. A Click and Grow hydroponic garden that'll let you grow basil, thyme, even tomatoes (!!!) regardless of how much light comes in through your windows. It comes with three basil pods, but there are a bunch of other pods you can choose to grow, too.

    22. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that'll help you manage your split ends and frizz. You only need to rub in a drop of this stuff for it to work, so it'll last you a heck of a long time. (Bang for your buck, woo!)

    23. A teeny-tiny bike storage rack that'll tuck your summertime ride away, as well as free up some floor space. With one clip per bike, installation is wildly minimal — just mount it onto a wall and pop the front wheel in.

    24. An insulated thermos you can bring along on chilly hikes and other outdoor adventures. This thing is big, so you'll definitely be able to share it with your partner.

    A person holding the large Stanely thermos

    25. A laptop stand that’ll do wonders for your posture. If you spend most of your day slumped over your desk, do your neck the favour and get yourself an ergonomic setup already.

    26. And finally, a rose quartz gua sha facial stone that can improve your complexion by increasing blood flow. It can also drain toxins from your face and help you out when you're feeling puffy.

    Rose quartz gua sha facial stone

    Me, every time I have to repurchase one of these items:

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