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    10 Life-Changing Things You Should Try This November

    Because we tried them for you in October!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. The FreshMe Cotton Sleepmask, which uses velcro (instead of elastic) to fasten, so it'll fit perfectly every time, block the light from your eyes, and help you fall asleep much more easily.

    Amazon / Via

    I need it to be as dark as possible in order to sleep, and I've been searching my whole life for the sleep mask that wouldn't let me down. The main problem was that any sleep mask with an elastic strap would eventually loosen, and I'd have to buy a new one that was tight enough — or else the mask would warp over time and light would start sneaking in, disturbing my sleep.

    But the FreshMe cotton sleepmask is PERFECT. It uses a velcro closure in the back, so I can adjust it perfectly every time — and the mask is large enough that light doesn't seep in, nor is it so big that it becomes unwieldy. The cotton is really soft and feels nice against my skin, and I've been falling asleep much faster and sleeping much better since I've started using it. Money well spent. — Kat Angus

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $29.98.

    2. Crest Charcoal Toothpaste, which will whiten your teeth without breaking your budget — and it won't turn your bathroom counters black, either.

    Mikael M. Melo / BuzzFeed

    I've recently bought into the charcoal craze, but I didn't really want to go full charcoal (my white sink just couldn't handle the aftermath). So when I found out that Crest Charcoal Toothpaste would whiten my teeth, but not blacken my sink, I had to try it. I've only given it a week and so far, but my teeth are already substantially whiter, and I haven't even been avoiding coffee! I have super sensitive teeth so I was a little worried to try it, but honestly, it hasn't affected my sensitivity whatsoever. I highly recommend giving it a try for anyone trying to whiten on a budget. —Mikael M. Melo

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $4.99 (as an add-on item).

    3. Journal 29: Interactive Book Game, the perfect book for anyone who loves puzzles and riddles and really wants to give their brain a workout.

    Journal 29 / Via Instagram: @journal_29

    I love a good puzzle, whether it's a physical puzzle, a logic puzzle, or a riddle I can roll around in my brain for several days. So working my way through Journal 29 has been one of the most fun puzzle experiences I've ever had. Every time you turn the page, there'll be a puzzle/riddle to solve on the right and a QR code on the left. Once you think you've solved the puzzle, scan the code with your phone, enter the answer, and if you're right, it'll give you a keyword that'll help you solve future puzzles. It starts off relatively easy, but gets harder as you go along.

    The puzzles are challenging, but not so challenging that I ever want to give up (I know I can figure it out eventually, darn it!!) — but if you get really stuck, there is a hints forum that will help you out. And if puzzles aren't really your jam, this book would make a great gift for any puzzle-loving friends or family members.Kat Angus

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $16.02.

    4. Design.Me Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist, which will give your hair all the bounce and volume you've dreamed of, and won't make your hair sticky or greasy in the process.

    Amazon / Via, Victoria Kuglin / BuzzFeed

    Ever since chopping off my long hair for a pixie, my hair routine has been cut short, too. But one thing I absolutely cannot live without is my Design.Me Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist, a product so cool that I stockpile it obsessively in my bathroom cupboard. (What if there's a global shortage??) It's super lightweight and completely odour-free, which are really just bonuses because this product ROCKS.

    Unlike regular texturizing products, it pumps out a dry, ultra-fine texture dust using a precision-tip pump, so you can get volume and texture right where you want it. And since it's not aerosol, there's never that awkward sticky-hair-drying-period (anyone who's ever used hairspray knows what I'm talking about). Even when I cut my hair even SHORTER, it was the only thing I used to give it some oomph. People literally cross the street to tell me that my hair is awesome, and I wish I could take credit, but without this magical volumizing product, my look would definitely fall flat. —Victoria Kuglin

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $22.99.

    5. A set of five nylon braided iPhone chargers of various lengths, so you never have to hover near an outlet — you can even roll over in bed without unplugging!

    These have honestly changed my life. I was just looking for a couple of regular iPhone cables to keep in my bag and use at the office/home, but then I came across this multipack on Amazon. It comes with two three-foot cables and three cables longer than the regular length. I've always hated being constrained to a corner in the room (or to a side on my bed) just because I'm charging my phone while using it. I thought, "Hmm, five BRAIDED cables for $14.99? Sounds like it might not work, but what the hell!" Now, I'm so glad I put them in my cart.

    All the cables worked perfectly, and I would've had a bunch of backups, too, if my fiancé didn't steal the rest of them. My favourite thing IN THE WORLD is the ten-foot cable. The freedom is ridiculous. I can be at the other edge of my bed and charge my phone! Also, other-third party cables I've tried have charged my phone very slowly, but this one charges perfectly. And the cables withstood my teething kittens (who have destroyed five MacBook chargers, countless iPhone cables, and two pairs of earphones). This is a very high quality product for the price and I just KNOW anyone would love it. It's been my best Amazon purchase in months.Imaan Sheikh

    Get a five-pack of cables from Amazon Canada for $14.99.

    6. göt2b Defiant Define + Shine Pomade, which will give your hair the defined look you want, without making it all hard and crunchy.

    Mikael M. Melo / BuzzFeed

    I always get complimented on my hair, so it's time I share my secret: I use göt2b's pomade. It is heaven sent! It leaves my hair looking nice and shiny, keeps things in place, but doesn't leave my hair too hard — meaning I can run my fingers through my hair and adjust my look as the day goes on. I've been using their pomade for seven years now, and I don't plan on switching anytime soon. —Mikael M. Melo

    Get it from Amazon Canada from $6.46 (as an add-on item).

    7. The Nintendo Switch Lite, which will keep you entertained with video games for hours, whether you're at home or on your commute.

    Sarah Aspler / BuzzFeed

    I’ve never been a huge gamer, but I’m totally obsessed with my Nintendo Switch Lite. I used to download games or Netflix shows to watch on my commute, but it was taking up all the storage on my phone and would kill my phone battery before I even arrived at the office. There’s just something about playing games on a handheld device which makes me nostalgic about my Game Boy or PSP. (Remember the days!?)

    With the Switch Lite, I can play games for hours without getting bored, and it can easily fit into my jacket pocket. I actually already owned the original Switch console and really loved it, but found it was a little too bulky and heavy to carry with me every day (plus my hands would get tired holding onto it). It’s also cheaper than the original system, so you can use that extra cash to buy some games. I also find that it feels more robust than the original, as it’s a solid piece and doesn’t have joy-cons that slide off and on. Plus, unlike the original, the Lite has a D-pad, which gives it a more tactile feel. The battery usually lasts me about three to four hours.

    So, should you get the original Switch or Switch Lite? Here’s my recommendation: If you’re going to hook up and dock your Switch to a TV or monitor, the original Switch is for you. It’s probably the best choice for playing multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. because of the bigger screen and detachable joy-cons. But if you’re like me and will use it exclusively as a handheld device or mostly play single-player games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Untitled Goose Game, I would recommend the Switch Lite. —Sarah Aspler

    Get the Nintendo Switch Light from Amazon Canada for $258.97, or get the original Nintendo Switch from Amazon Canada for $393.52.

    8. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer, which allows you to send photos from your phone to the printer, which then prints them out on quick-developing film.

    Amazon / Via, Alice Prendergast / BuzzFeed

    I love the idea of disposable cameras, but I hate having to physically go to the store to get film developed. I also hate not knowing what my photos are going to end up looking like, so that rules out classic Polaroid-style cameras for me, too (there are about 9,000 photos of me blinking out in this world, and truly, I’m not a fan of any of them). For these reasons, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link is really changing my life for the better.

    Now, I can turn all my beloved iPhone pics into cute printed photos in seconds without stressing out about what the final products will look like. The process is simple: you just fire up the free Instax app, select an image you love from your camera roll, and hit print. You can also edit your photos, add filters and frames, make collages, and do other cool stuff with app, so it’s not just a one trick pony. Another great thing about this device is its size. It's only a bit bigger than an iPhone and doesn’t weigh much at all, so you can just tuck it in your bag and take it with you on the go.

    BRB while I spend all my money on film and print off every photo I've ever cared about. —Alice Prendergast

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $129.99 (available in three colours).

    9. Rebels Refinery Skull Lip Balm, which will moisturize and protect your chapped lips without making them feel waxy and heavy. (Plus, it looks totally badass.)

    Amazon / Via

    As someone whose lips get chapped in the blustery winds of winter, humid temperatures of summer, and honestly just all the time, I use lip balm constantly. And I'm not going to lie — I'm pretty picky, but this skull lip balm by Rebels Refinery has been a GODSEND. The minty flavour gives just the right amount of tingle without being overpowering, and the balm itself has no trace of that annoying waxy texture that virtually all balms have (and drives me absolutely bonkers).

    Plus, it doesn't hurt that the matte black skull packaging is badass as hell! If I'm being honest, it's the reason I picked it up in the first place, crossing my fingers that the formula would live up to my expectations. And it did! It's so amazing that I gift them to literally everyone in my life. The only way to tell the difference between my balm and my boyfriend's are the tell-tale signs of his beard hairs etched into the creamy dome tip. I never leave home without it. —Victoria Kuglin

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $22.83 (also available in neon pink).

    10. And lastly, Herstyler Hair Repair Serum, infused with argan oil and vitamin E, so it'll make your hair soft, shiny, and frizz-free — with the added bonus that it'll help protect your hair against any of hot styling tools.

    Amazon / Via

    For YEARS, I have been chasing the soft, shiny look of my just-salon-styled hair, and just couldn't find the right products — either they left my hair looking and feeling greasy, or they caused build-up on my scalp, or they just plain didn't work at all. But the Herstyler hair repair serum worked wonders the very first time I used it.

    I just had to use one little pump of serum and work it through my damp hair — it's so light I honestly wondered if I was using enough! But once I blow-dried and styled my hair, it felt AMAZING. And at last — AT LAST! — my hair is just as shiny and gorgeous as it is when I leave the salon. It doesn't make my hair greasy and doesn't clog my hair follicles, either. This stuff is genius. —Kat Angus

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $15.99 (also available in packs of two and four).