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    Just 15 Things You Should Try This February

    Because we tried them for you in January!

    1. An electric fabric shaver that'll get all that pilled-up lint off your favourite sweaters, or loose threads off your favourite chair — basically, it'll make your fave fabric look like new again.

    2. A tin of Zincuta skin ointment, which will protect and soothe your dry, chapped skin from the winter weather, without making it feel all greasy.

    3. A set of stick-on vanity lights that you can stick around any mirror, giving you the ideal lighting situation when you're getting ready.

    4. The Tile Slim, which will help you find and keep track of your wallet (or anything else important, for that matter), no matter how many times you lose it.

    5. An impressive Bluetooth speaker that'll make all your tunes sound amazing, and it'll last up to 20 hours on one charge, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

    6. Or a pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones that'll deliver great sound all day long, without making your ears feel smushed.

    7. A dishwasher magnet that'll finally make it clear if the machine's contents are clean or dirty, so you and your family and/or roommates won't screw up process yet again.

    8. A pack of sticky lint rollers that'll finally get all that pet hair off of your favourite sweaters, pants, furniture, and whatever else your furry friend decided to shed on.

    9. A handy label maker that's easy to use and will let you finally lay claim to all your food in the fridge — or just use it to label and organize all those boxes and file folders you have lying around.

    10. An incredibly strong and secure bike lock, so you don't have to worry about your precious bicycle being stolen while you're gone for a few hours.

    11. Some Bees Wrap, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap that you can use to wrap up and store food over and over again — you're welcome, the environment.

    12. A pair of Levi's Wedgie Straight jeans, which have just enough of a stretch to make things comfortable, but enough of a shape that it'll make you look and feel great in them.

    13. A small-but-powerful stick vacuum cleaner that's super easy to carry, but will still suck up any floor messes you've got lying around.

    14. Or an iRobot Roomba that'll handle all the vacuuming for you, no matter what kind of flooring you're dealing with. Carpet, hardwood, and tile? This baby will clean it all.

    15. A brightly-coloured Apple TV remote cover, so you can finally stop losing that tiny thing in your couch cushions.

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