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    64 Small Things That'll Make A Big Difference

    Size doesn't matter, guys.

    1. This TubShroom drain protector with over 24,000 reviews (!!!) will help capture all gross shower debris. This is PEAK #grossbutsatisfying.

    2. These stainless steel tongue scrapers will help remove all the toxins and bacteria left behind by regular brushing and flossing.

    3. These eco-friendly reusable silicone swabs that you can use the same way as traditional cotton swabs.

    4. This windproof travel umbrella that'll withstand whatever Mother Nature flings your way. With its Teflon coating and nine-rib construction, it's strong AND lightweight.

    5. This nondescript book safe that looks like a plain old dictionary, and will keep all your secrets safe and well-hidden. Secret passageways not included.

    6. This genius blade-cleaning brush that's specially designed to make washing cutlery and knives easy-peasy, while storing neatly on the edge of the sink or soap storage container.

    7. A repair kit filled with all the tiny bits and bobs you need to fix your glasses. It's hard not to see the value of this kit!

    8. This portable external hard drive so when your computer betrays you, you'll feel less like smashing your head against a wall.

    9. This universally-compatible wireless charger that's slim, fast-charging, and case-friendly.

    10. These pimple patches with over 3,000 reviews that'll literally absorb all the gunk your face produces. Bonus: They help heal and prevent future blemishes, too!

    11. This powerful liquid cleanser that removes rust, tarnish, soap scum, lime, and hard water deposits to give your bathroom, kitchen, and cookware a high-shine finish.

    12. This travel-size sewing kit that'll help you perform an emergency mend right there on the spot. Snags and rips (not to mention lost buttons) can happen anywhere, so what better item to have on hand?

    13. These small, but mighty Bioré deep cleansing pore strips that'll suck all the crap out of your pores. Bonus: They're SUPER satisfying to look at once removed!

    14. These Boscia blotting papers that'll help keep your skin looking glowing and healthy. The slim package makes it a great on-the-go item, and it's infused with green tea to soothe, freshen, and protect your skin!

    15. This tiny iPhone adapter dongle that can be used as a headphone splitter, or allow you to connect to the AUX cord when you're riding shotgun.

    16. This sandalwood beard comb will give you a snag-free, silky-smooth, luscious beard with just one swipe. The double-sided comb works great on long or short beards, so you'll be able to use it at different stages in your facial hair journey.

    17. This bestselling OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener that uses calcium and protein (you know, the building blocks of nails) to that'll turn your poor, overworked nails into beautiful, lethal claws.

    18. This Grown Alchemist lip repair treatment will keep your lips healthy and moisturized basically forever. It's jam-packed with natural ingredients that'll deliver long-lasting results. Reviewers love that it's colourless, and doesn't make lips feel greasy or sticky.

    19. This magical water purifier pod for pets that absorbs impurities and eliminates odours from any water source, giving your pets fresh, clean water all day, every day. One pod is all you need to remove lead, arsenic, chloride, and fluoride from your pet's water bowl for up to six months!

    20. This mini personal portable oven that'll revolutionize on-the-go meals. Just plug this baby into an outlet — it'll slowly and evenly heat up your food without any annoying frozen centres or overcooked edges.

    21. This Did You Feed the Dog? tracker that'll save you from wondering if your fluffy friend has already had breakfast or not. With the flick of a tab, you'll be able to keep track of when your fur baby eats (and make sure you never forget again).

    22. This handy little sock organizer that's about to change your life, because you will NEVER👏LOSE👏A SOCK👏AGAIN. Just slip the dirty socks into the SockDock, throw it in the wash, and revel in your newfound organization.

    23. These bestselling Tile Mates will help you keep track of all your belongings, no matter how hectic your schedule gets. These handy tracking nuggets can be attached to your phone, passport holder, or wallet. Plus, they're compatible with all Alexa devices!

    24. A smart plug that'll turn anything you plug in into a voice command-enabled device. Using the Alexa app, control your lights, brew some coffee, or just set the mood with some music. The choice is yours!

    25. This Black & Decker ultrasonic humidifer that'll aid in the fight against blistery winds and harsh indoor heating. Pop it into a glass or bottle of water, and let it get to work!

    26. These all-natural leather cleaning wipes that'll help protect your favourite footwear. They'll make quick work of mud, grime, dust, and (#BLESS) salt stains on virtually all shoes — even delicate suede.

    27. This iron fish that'll help to naturally inject iron into your diet. Supplements can be pricey — and aren't always suitable for everyone — but this little pal is great for pregnant people, vegans, and even kids.

    28. Some super-absorbent puppy training pads that'll help you train your new pupperino, without worrying about leaks, spills, or accidents. They're lined with five layers of leak-proof materials that keep things locked in the pad — and away from those hardwood floors!

    29. These natural and chlorine-free bottle cleaning tablets that will get all your beverage containers cleaner than you thought possible, and won't damage the environment in the process.

    30. A double-ended electronics cleaning brush that will get in all the nooks and crannies.

    31. A hand-held pet hair remover that'll help solve even the hairiest problem.

    32. This electric brush cleaner and dryer that'll help you say goodbye to gunky make-up brushes. All it takes is 10 seconds!

    33. This Clean or Dirty dishwasher magnet, so you'll never put a dirty dish in a sparkling clean dishwasher ever again. Just rotate to indicate whether the contents are clean (or dirty), and be on your merry way!

    34. A set of these anti-slip clear silicone nose pads that will make wearing any kind of glasses much more comfortable.

    35. These natural bamboo charcoal deodorizing bags will freshen up your closet, car, laundry room, or just about anywhere else that needs it. They're reusable for up to two years and all you need to do to reactivate them is leave them outside in the sun once a month!

    36. This cute Chilly Mama fridge and freezer odour absorber that's just the ticket to give your fridge a much-needed refresh. Look at her disappointed face. She can't believe you didn't take her home sooner.

    37. Some Polysporin Triple Antiobiotics Ointment that's specially formulated to help heal cuts and scrapes, quick as a flash. Not only does it help heal minor wounds up to four days faster, but the triple antibiotic formula keeps any potential infections at bay. It makes a great addition to any first aid kit!

    38. This über-handy 19-in-one multi-tool that will prevent you from ever feeling screwed when you're unprepared for an emergency. It even includes a bottle opener, so you're all set.