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    Just 7 Things You'll Want To Try In June

    Because we tried them for you in May!

    1. A light, soft duvet set fit for a queen — but at a plebeian-friendly price.

    2. A set of space-saving vacuum storage bags you seriously need if your closet is (like mine) slowly succumbing to Sweater Overload.

    3. A Billie razor starter kit so you can kiss the pink tax goodbye and say hi to a smoother, better shave. Each razor cartridge has five blades encased in charcoal shave soap for a super-smooth glide even the most sensitive skin will love.

    4. A handy dandy phone stand if you're tired of picking up your device to unlock your phone and see if you really need to answer that text (or eight).

    5. A machine-washable microfiber duster that *actually* traps those pesky particles, rather than just flinging 'em around the room.

    6. A tube of Glossier's Lip Vinyl (a fancy name for their cream lipstick–gloss hybrid) that may just become your new favorite lip color.

    7. A lightweight, eco-friendly cork yoga mat that's naturally anti-microbial to resist mold, mildew, and that post–hot yoga stink.

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