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    We Tried That Pretty Razor Subscription All Over Instagram And, TBH, We Loved It

    Seven of my coworkers and I tested out Billie's razor subscription service and can unanimously confirm: It's the best.

    I'm just going to come out and say it: Shaving sucks. Patches of hair are *always* — without fail — left behind, cuts and razor burn are an all-too-frequent reality, and it's just...a lot.

    That's why a group of my coworkers and I decided to try out Billie. It's that gorgeous razor subscription you may have seen an ad for while scrolling the 'Gram. Yeah — *that* pretty pastel razor surrounded by sparkly bubbles.

    So why exactly are we obsessed with a literal piece of plastic? For starters, their razors are as affordable and effective as they are just absolutely gorgeous.

    After you sign up you'll receive their entire starter kit: A razor, two blade cartridges, and a holder *all* for $9 (seriously, that's a deal). Plus, they offer a small line of lotions and shave creams you can add on for $8+.

    All of Billie's products are made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances (and are never tested on animals!), and are great for sensitive skin.

    "Their luxuriously foaming, sensitive-skin-friendly, gently exfoliating and hydrating shaving cream is the ONLY shaving cream I've ever tried that doesn't make my skin itchy and bumpy."

    The razor itself features five blades encased in a super-soothing charcoal shave soap and a lightweight handle so you can finally kiss razor burns and nicks buh-bye.

    They even solve the annoying, where the heck should I keep my razor problem with a magnetic holder that comes in all starter kits. Amazing.

    Finally, the cherry on the cake, Billie will send you replaceable shave heads at a frequency suitable to your lifestyle...meaning you'll *never* have to shave with a rusty, dull razor again.

    Ok, I realize that was basically 10+ paragraphs of pure accolades...but our praise for Billie is not hyperbole! We genuinely love a good freakin' razor and a brand that offers high-quality, affordable products.

    Get the starter kit from Billie for $9 (available in five razor colors).

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