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    Just 9 Things You'll Want To Try In May

    Because we tried 'em for you in April!

    1. A three-tier shoe rack so you can stack your many (many, many) pairs of sneakers, boots, and flats into a tower of organization — rather than scattered all over your floor.

    2. Driftaway Coffee — a convenient service that mails you delicious coffee from all over the world for way less than the cost of a plane ticket.

    3. And an OXO single serve pour-over coffee dripper to help you stop making too much coffee in the morning.

    4. The Wet Brush, a game-changing detangler that may LOOK like a regular hairbrush but is, in fact, a cool hairbrush, with super soft and flexible bristles that work great whether your hair is wet or dry.

    5. Olly Restful Sleep gummies, which are formulated with melatonin and l-theanine, lemon balm, and chamomile to help you naturally drift off and support your sleep cycle. And hello, nighttime snack!

    6. A set of Primary Goods bedding in crisp and breathable percale cotton simply *everyone* in the family will want to snuggle into.

    7. A Rubbermaid lunch-packing system with everything you need to make bringing your food to work or school easier than ever — we're talking room for a sandwich, sides, snacks, *and* a snap-on ice pack.

    8. A couple of velvet scrunchies topped with bows for adorably effortless hairstyles that'll keep your locks out of your face and help you head out the door when you're already running late.

    9. A Helix Sunset mattress with a breathable, temperature regulating cover and a supportive-yet-soft top so you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud each and every night of your life.

    Brb, going to test out my own mattress with a little nap.

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