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    9 Things To Try In May

    Because we tried them for you in April.

    1. A Billie razor starter pack and subscription, because using this razor for the first time makes you realize every other razor you've ever used absolutely stinks. With or without shaving cream, this baby glides effortlessly, leaving your legs, pits, etc., the smoothest they've ever been.

    2. A Misfits Market grocery delivery box to save big time on your grocery bill and do so sustainably. The produce in your box are items that would perhaps be turned away from grocery stores for purely aesthetic reasons (don't worry, they're still delish!) resulting in food waste. With this subscription service, all of this bounty can be delivered to your door instead.

    3. Supergoop's cult-fave product Unseen Sunscreen that makes wearing daily SPF less of a greasy inconvenience. It's nearly weightless and is great on its own or acts as a lovely primer if you want to layer makeup over it. Either way, it'll help protect you from the sun's harmful rays to keep your skin healthy for the long-run.

    buzzfeed editor holding the 1.7oz bottle with  dab of translucent sunscreen captioned "perfect makeup primer, smooth, invisible finish, as non-greasy as sunscreen gets"

    4. A BloomsyBox subscription to add a little springtime cheer to your apartment on the reg. Having flowers around is incredibly nice, so let me be the one to tell ya that you deserve it! Not into another subscription? They also have individual bouquets so you can get yourself (or a pal!) some blooms as a treat.

    5. Some comfy Knickey mid-rise briefs made of breatheable organic cotton for anyone who's in need of some new high-quality basics. These are made *without* chlorine, bleach, or other harsh chemicals that can impact the natural balance of your nether regions.

    a model wearing a pair of royal blue mid-rise full coverage underwear

    6. Ghost Democracy's Floodgate Hyaluronic Acid and Lightbulb Vitamin C Serum that can def work separately, but in conjunction helped one of our writers get her dry skin consistently moisturized and even lessen some discoloration from past acne.

    7. A Leatherman Free P4 — a cult-favorite multitool ready to solve any and all household probs with its 21 (!!!) functions. It uses magnets to lock everything safely in place when not being used and comes with a hip belt sheath so it's ready to be deployed at all times.

    8. A pair of wireless on-ear Marshall Major IV headphones with 80 — yes, 80 — hours of playtime on a single charge. I'll say it: these are the greatest headphones I have ever used. I am constantly listening to something, so only having to charge these every few weeks is amazing. And because they're Marshall brand, the sound quality is top-notch. I can barely think of one downside to these, so they're 100% worth the splurge.

    9. A tube of Summary natural deodorant for anyone out there still searching for their natural deo Holy Grail. This one is formulated with butterfly pea powder, witch hazel, and bamboo powder which work together to keep you stink-free and relatively dry (natural deodorant will never be a miracle worker, but in comparison to many, this one is great).

    buzzfeed editor holding 2oz plum-colored deodorant

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