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    43 Cult-Favourite Products You’ve Probably Heard Of And Should Just Try Already

    You'll be happy you got them.

    1. A strawberry-scented lip balm by Softlips that'll react to the pH level of your skin and tint your kisser a unique shade of pink. It's packed with argan oil and beeswax, making it super hydrating.

    2. A pair of no-tie shoelaces that'll make putting on your running shoes a quick and easy process. They lock in place with a toggle stopper so you can decide how loose or tight you want them.

    A person wearing running shoes with shoelaces that have a toggle

    3. A pedicure sponge that'll gently buff away the dead skin on your tootsies. It's loaded with olive oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil so it'll return some much-needed moisture to your feet.

    4. A pair of luxurious satin pillowcases that'll feel like an absolute dream against your skin. They won't absorb moisture like cotton so your hair will be safe from breakage and you won't wake up with those dreaded sleep lines on the side of your face.

    5. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses that are great for anyone who spends most of day staring at a computer. They'll help reduce eye strain and irritation, and they can even help stop headaches in their tracks.

    A person holding a pair of blue-light blocking glasses in their hand

    6. A LifeStraw if you're someone who spends a lot of time outdoors. It'll make water drinkable by filtering 99.999999% of bacteria and parasites so you can enjoy clean H2O while you hike or camp.

    7. A hair protein treatment that's packed with collagen and ceramide and will help soften, tame, and moisturize your locks in just five minutes. Reviewers with dyed hair say it helped repair the damage left behind from bleaching.

    8. A bestselling calligraphy book that'll help you improve your writing and learn the art form of fancy lettering. It's a beginner's guide and has 15 in-book writing projects so you can get all the practice you need.

    A calligraphy book on table with a pen

    9. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro that'll be practically invisible in your ears. They have silicone tips that'll keep them from falling out and they're noise cancelling so you won't have to worry about hearing anything but your music.

    10. A screaming goat that'll boost your mood when you're having a baaa-d day. When you press on it, the little goat will let out series of high-pitched bleats that are sure to make you giggle and distract you in the best way.

    A plastic goat on a small tree trunk There's a pocket-sized book beside it

    11. A pair of foot masks that'll peel off dead skin in a gross-but-satisfying way. The booties are drenched in a special serum that's made with fruit and vegetable extracts to smooth and exfoliate your tootsies.

    12. A set of spacious vacuum bags that you can use to store all your clothes and linens during the off season. They come with a travel pump to suck out the air, but you can also use your vacuum cleaner. Now you won't have to worry about where to store your summer clothes during the colder months.

    13. A lil' brush that'll help you work your shampoo, conditioner, or oil into your hair. It'll give you a scalp massage in the process so you'll feel like you're at a salon every time you use it.

    14. A shower caddy with stretchy baskets that'll fit all your bathroom essentials. It has two sturdy mounting hooks that can hang on your shower head or curtain rod, and four small hooks on the sides that you can use to hang small items (like a bath sponge).

    15. A game-changing face mask that'll help clear up your acne and blackheads. Clay masks are a great way to detox your skin and this one uses bentonite clay to deep clean your pores.

    16. A pack of reusable food wraps that'll render your plastic wrap and aluminum foil obsolete. They can easily be moulded with the heat of your hands and are perfect for small food items (like cheese, fruit, and sandwiches).

    17. A bestselling coffee maker and pitcher that'll help you make the perfect batch of iced coffee every time. You can store it in the fridge overnight to let it brew and you’ll wake up to four cups of delicious iced coffee.

    18. A wide roller stamp that'll cover all the private information on your papers and envelopes with a thick, dark ink. Now you can recycle your mail without worrying about someone stealing your personal information. No shredder needed!

    19. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll actually remove all the stains you've been trying to get rid of for months. All it takes is a bit of water and a couple swipes to clean permanent marker, crayon stains, and scuff marks off all the surfaces in your home.

    20. An oversized Orolay parka that'll keep you both warm and stylish during the colder months. It has a looser fit so you can still rock a sweater underneath and a sherpa-lined hood that'll surround you with warmth.

    21. A pack of reusable cotton rounds from Garnier that'll help you remove your makeup or apply your skincare products without falling apart. You'll save a few loonies and toonies in the long run because you won't have to replace them as often as disposable cotton rounds.

    Two cotton rounds next to a bottle of micellar water

    22. A Squatty Potty that'll make it WAY easier to poop so you won't have to spend so much time in the water closet. The stool will help you into a comfortable squatting position, which is supposed to be better for your body than sitting.

    A small stool sitting in front of a toilet

    23. A Luna mini 2 that'll cleanse your skin in 60 seconds with gentle pulsations (instead of intense scrubbing). The silicone bristles will also help exfoliate your skin, giving you a mini massage in the process.

    24. A tiny robotic vacuum that'll quietly clean your floors so you won't have to. You can use it on carpeted and hardwood floors, and it'll run for up to 100 minutes before it needs to be emptied and recharged.

    A child lying on the floor with a robot vacuum cleaning the rug beside them

    25. A small drain protector that'll catch stray hairs before they slide down the pipes. This genius tool will save you from a clogged drain and the disgusting chore of having to remove hair from it.

    A person holding a cylinder-shaped plug with hair wrapped around it by their bathtub drain There is a caption that says "ew but Yassss"

    26. A pack of Crest Whitestrips that'll whiten your teeth so you won't have to pay for expensive treatments. You'll only have to wear one for three minutes to remove years of surface stains.

    A person placing a whitening strip on their teeth

    27. A gel toilet stamp that'll stick to the inside of your toilet and give it a good clean every time you flush. No one likes cleaning the toilet and now you won't have to.

    28. A pet hair-removing roller that'll make you cut ties with your lint roller immediately. It's reusable so you won't have to worry about buying refills. And you can use it on any fabric in the house to pick up every last strand of dreaded dog or cat hair.

    29. An Instant Pot that combines six different kitchen appliances into one — saving you a ton of space and effort. It'll replace your biggest and bulkiest kitchen appliances, like your pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer.

    A large pressure with plates and bowls of food around it

    30. A pack of Rael acne patches that'll treat even the largest pimples overnight so you'll wake up with clearer skin. They're lined with hydrocolloid to help draw out oil and bacteria without irritating your skin.

    31. An electric lint remover that'll gently remove stray fibres from your favourite sweaters and blankets so they look as good as new. You can use it anywhere in your home because it comes with a USB cord that'll plug into your laptop or power bank charger instead of a wall socket.

    32. A Garnier sheet mask that'll keep your skin hydrated as heck because it's packed with half a bottle of serum. It's also incredibly gentle so it can be used on almost all skin types.

    33. An Echo Dot speaker that'll become your personal assistant. Alexa can set alarms, answer questions, play music, and check the weather — all you have to do is say her name.

    A small round voice-controlled speaker placed on a wooden table

    34. A bottle of Thayer's cult-favourite witch hazel facial toner that'll help simplify your skincare routine and keep your skin looking and feeling its best. It cleanses skin, removes excess oil, and reduces inflammation, making it a great everyday product for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin.

    35. A super sleek Brita water filter pitcher that'll improve the taste and quality of your tap water. The pitcher can hold up to six cups of water and over time, and it’ll replace 300 plastic water bottles over time.

    A person filling up their Brita picture with water

    36. A deep-cleaning Waterpik that'll gently, but effectively wash plaque and food out of your teeth and gums so flossing will feel like less of a chore.

    A person cleaning their teeth with a water flosser machine in their bathroom

    37. A Kindle that'll let you carry your impressive library collection with you at all times. It comes with extra storage and has a long-lasting battery so you can read whatever you want with the touch of a button.