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    44 Things That'll Help You Be Way More Organized In 2021

    You ~Kondo~ it!

    1. A copy of The Home Edit Life that'll actually make you love organization. Instead of getting rid of your favourite things, this book will show you how to arrange everything in your home, so it'll look less chaotic and more curated.

    The book cover for The Home Edit Life

    2. A large plastic bag for all those rolls of leftover wrapping paper you left in a corner of your basement. It'll protect your gift wrap from dust and water damage, and it has two handles that'll make it easier to pull it out of storage when holiday season rolls around.

    A large plastic bag on the floor with rolls of wrapping paper inside

    3. A transparent shower liner with nine mesh pockets for all your small bathroom items like soap bars, loofas, and razors. It's a great way to free up space on your shower caddy or bathroom counter.

    A plastic shower curtain with nine pockets on it The pockets are different sizes and have different items like a loofah, beauty products or towels inside.

    4. A ceramic hook that you can place literally anywhere in your home to help organize small items like headphones, keys, or towels. It has an adhesive backing that you can remove easily, and without damaging your walls.

    A small hook attached to a tiled wall with a wooden brush hanging from it

    5. A large monthly planner you can leave on your desk or mount on the wall with a few command strips. There's enough space to write down appointments and special occasions for each day, along with sections on the side and bottom to write down important tasks, notes, and goals.

    A large pad of paper with a blank calendar printed on it

    6. A tiny knife mat that'll safely store your sharp utensils, so you won't accidentally poke yourself when you reach into your drawer. It's a great alternative to a knife block if you don't have space on your counter.

    An overhead photo of the knife mat inside a drawer

    7. An over-the-door basket that'll fit inside your bathroom cupboard and keep all of your bulky hair tools out of the way. It has a large ring on each side that'll hold even the widest of hair dryers and a deep basket to store other tools and products.

    8. A battery organizer that'll help you keep track of all the loose batteries in your house. It can hold up to 93 batteries of different sizes, and it comes with a battery tester, so you'll know when they're truly dead.

    A rectangular tray with slots filled with different sized batteries The tray has a plastic lid

    9. A slim storage unit that'll fit perfectly between machines, so you can store and access all your laundry supplies. Plus, it's on wheels, so you can roll it out when you need it and hide it when you don't.

    A slim rolling cart with three tiers sitting between a washing machine and dryer

    10. A toilet paper holder that'll save floor space because it clips over the tank. It's a great alternative if you don't have a lot of space in your bathroom, and reviewers say it'll hold large rolls of toilet paper.

    11. A little garbage bin for your car that'll keep your trash out of sight. It'll look way better than the plastic bags you normally use, and it has a waterproof lining that'll keep the last dregs of coffee from leaking through.

    Four pictures showing a small fabric trash can hanging from a car console, a headrest, a gear stick and a glove box

    12. A nifty food wrap box organizer that'll give you a space to keep all your freezer bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. You can stack four on each side and the wire shelves are adjustable, so you can fit boxes of any size. And if you flip the boxes on their sides, it’ll make for a handy bag and wrap dispenser.

    Two boxes of plastic food bags stacked on a small organizer and three boxes are stacked on the other side

    13. An industrial-chic wire basket that'll give you a place to store your whozits and whatsits, without messing with your home decor vibes. It's made of durable metal and has wood handles that make it easy to move from room to room.

    A wire basket on a countertop with dish cloths inside

    14. A pair of large car organizers that'll hang from the back of your seat and keep all your random items in order. They have seven compartments, including a transparent pocket that'll fit a table or phone, if your passengers want to watch videos or play videos on the drive.

    15. A double hamper that'll make sorting your laundry way easier. It has removable bags, so you won't have to carry the whole bin to the laundry room.

    A large hamper with two bins beside a wall

    16. A stacking station that'll keep all your hangers in one neat pile for laundry day. It'll hold up to 50 hangers and prevent them from getting tangled or damaged.

    17. A little caddy that'll become the designated spot for your remote, so you won't have go looking in between your couch cushions. It has five compartments, which is great if you have more than one remote.

    A fabric remote control organizer sitting on a stack of books  There are a pair of glasses, a phone, a remote, and a pair of scissors in a different compartment

    18. A bedside organizer that’ll hold all those random items you usually keep on the floor by your bed. It has two small holes at the bottom corners for your electronic cords, so you'll be able to charge your phone or laptop while you sleep.

    A felt folder hanging from a bed frame with  a book, a remote and a pair of glasses organized inside

    19. A shower caddy that's made of rust-proof silicone, so the shelves will stretch to fit all your bathroom products. It has two sturdy mounting hooks that can hang on your shower head or curtain rod, and it has four small hooks on the sides to hang small items like a bath sponge.

    20. A tech organizer that'll store all your charging cords and headphones, so you'll know exactly where they are when you need them. It has seven elastic bands and eight mesh pockets to fit all your tech, and the bag is small enough that you can fit it in your backpack.

    A small rectangular fabric case is open with lots of small elastic bands and mesh pockets inside holding charging cords, headphones, and plug adapters

    21. A handbag organizer that is basically a hanging closet for your purses. It can store up to six large bags and comes with a hook, so you can store it in your closet and protect your bags from collecting dust.

    A long fabric handbag organizer hanging from a clothing rod It has four pockets on each side and are filled with large handbags

    22. A honeycomb-shaped organizer that comes in eight pieces, so you can customize it to fit any drawer size. Reviewers say it's a great way to organize small clothing items, accessories, and even baby clothes.

    23. A pack of Command cord clips that'll keep your cables in order and out of the way. You won't even notice them because they're small and transparent. Plus, their adhesive backings will stick to almost any surface and won't damage your walls when you're ready to remove them.

    Two cords plugged into the wall and organized by a set of Command hooks stuck to a wall

    24. A utility cart that you can use in any room to organize all your bits and bobs. It has wheels, so you can store it away in a closet or corner and roll it out when you're ready to use it.

    A metal rolling utility cart with spices in one shelf, plates and bowls on the second shelf, and plastic food wrap boxes on the lowest shelf

    25. A desk organizer set that'll help you declutter your workspace and keep all your important documents in plain sight. This set is as functional as it is stylish, and help free up some space at your desk, too.

    A wiry metal magazine holder, pencil holder, letter tray, and shelf on a desk

    26. A cable management box that'll turn your desk into a tidy, stress-free zone. It can accommodate power strips up to 12 inches long and will keep cords out of sight, which is especially important if you have kids and pets.

    27. A lid organizer that'll keep them from falling off your shelves every time you open your cupboards. It has adjustable dividers that'll hold small, medium, and large lids, and keep them all upright.

    28. A nylon tote organizer that'll keep all the tiny objects in your purse in a designated area, so you can pull them out as easily as Mary Poppins. There are 11 compartments to keep all your everyday essentials and it's super easy to transfer from one bag to another.

    29. A nifty folding board that'll make folding clothes a little easier and keep your drawers looking tidy as heck. It can be adjusted to accommodate thicker pieces, like bulky knits and sweatshirts.

    30. A storage shelf that'll display your collection of books, picture frames, plants, and more. They have an interlocking design that makes them easy to assemble in different ways, so you can create a completely customized bookshelf.

    A bookshelf with nine square compartments that are filled with vases, bins, and stacks of books

    31. A set of space-saving tiered hangers that are made especially for pants and skirts. Each hanger has four tiers with a pair of non-snaggy rubber-coated clips that'll hold onto your clothing with a vice grip.

    Four pairs of pants hanging from a hanger with clips on the ends

    32. A pair of bookends that are made of heavy-duty metal, so they can easily support a large collection of books. The abstract geometric design will add a modern touch to your space and give you extra space to stash small items.

    Two wiry metal bookends with books placed beside them

    33. A smart funnel for your kitchen and bathroom that'll make it way easier to fill empty containers and transfer the last bit of product into a new bottle. It has clips on the top to hold the bottle upside down, so you won't have to stand there and hold it yourself.

    34. A rectangular storage container that'll keep your cupboards looking super tidy. The button on the lid locks the canisters with an airtight seal, keeping your dry foods fresh AF!

    35. A set of spacious vacuum bags that'll help you store all your clothes and linens on the off season. The set comes with a travel pump to suck out the air, but it's also compatible with all vacuum cleaners. Now you don't have to worry about where to store your coats and blankets during the warmer months.

    36. A two-sided stand that'll sort your large collection of tea. It won't take a lot of space on your counter or shelf and it'll look a lot prettier in your kitchen than a stuffed jar of mixed tea bags.

    A plastic frame with six clear shelves that are fully stocked with tea packages

    37. A pack of durable rubber twist ties that'll keep all the cords near your desk or TV neat and tidy. They come in a variety of colours and lengths to fit anything from headphones to extension cords.

    A bunch of cables bundled up with rubber cords wrapped around them

    38. A mini jewellery organizer that's perfect for anyone with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. It has tons of hidden compartments that'll store your most precious baubles, without taking up too much space.

    39. A ten-tiered shoe rack that'll store and display your growing footwear collection. You can even split it into separate racks, if you want to keep your shoes by the door and in your bedroom closet.

    A large shoe rack against a wall with three pairs of shoes on each shelf

    40. Or an under-bed shoe bag that'll store all the shoes you don't wear on a regular basis. The compartments are adjustable, so you can fit a combination of flats, high heels, and boots inside.

    A large fabric bin with nine pairs of shoes organized inside

    41. A handy notepad that'll help you keep on top of all the household chores you need to do. There's a section at the bottom to maintain a shopping list and it comes with magnets, so you can mount it right on your fridge.

    A pen and a pad of paper with a blank list on a wooden table

    42. An expandable storage bag that'll help sort out your trunk and all the odd items you keep back there. It comes with a set of straps with hooks to secure it in the trunk or around a seat, so nothing will take a tumble when you fill it up after grocery shopping.

    A large cloth bin filled with groceries sitting in the trunk of a car

    43. An adorable expanding file folder that'll store all your important documents in one place. There are five pockets and they have tabs at the top, so you'll know exactly what's in each section.

    A plastic file folder on a desk with a laptop and notebook nearby

    44. And finally, a label maker that'll fit into the palm of your hand and help you organize all the jars and boxes in your home or office. It'll only take a few minutes to create a label and it prints any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

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