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Thug Life Ain't Easy, So Just Play Pretend

Instasham lets me trick people into thinking I live a ridiculous, action-packed life.

JesseSaler • 6 years ago

Some Girls Just Love Chicken

And some girls sing about the things they love.

JesseSaler • 6 years ago

Hey There Junior Badass, You Need A Motorcycle

There's something to be said about a hilariously written Craigslist ad.

JesseSaler • 6 years ago

Proposed Giant Trampoline Bridge In Paris

This gives new meaning to "let's bounce."Atelier Zündel Cristea proposed this trampoline bridge to cross the Seine.

JesseSaler • 6 years ago

How To Make A Sandwich When You Have No Arms

Next time you prepare lunch, try doing it with your feet. Tisha Unarmed shows us, step-by-step, how she prepares and eats a PB&J.

JesseSaler • 7 years ago