11 Delicious Dutch Foods You Need To Try

If you're thinking about taking a break from the Red Light District (and the..ahem...things you can do there), try these Dutch foods.

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1. Bitterballen

2. Ontbijtkoek

3. Kibbeling

4. Vlaai

5. Poffertjes

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Poffertjes are nothing more than tiny pancakes, baked in specially crafted poffertjes pans. They are usually a bit sweeter than pancakes and always served with powdered sugar and butter (and sometimes blueberries or jam). Unlike pancakes, they are not served with syrup. Most people tend to cram three to four poffertjes into their mouths because it takes a hell of a long time to eat them piece by piece.

6. Kruidnoten

7. Oliebollen

8. Pindakaas

9. Dutch Licorice

10. Stroopwafels

11. Pindasaus