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    The Awesome World Of Advertising!

    Working as an advertising "creative" is a mind-, body-, and soul-crushing experience.

    1. It's the account executive's job to fucking pay attention.

    2. Don't worry: after about the 50th time it happens, you get used to it.

    3. The un-brief.

    4. Sorry, you never get used to this gut punch. Alcohol helps though.

    5. The trick: Drink slower than him, and learn things you would otherwise never find out.

    6. The unending "push" — I once had one go for three months non-stop, seven days a week, and we didn't get the business.

    7. "Great presentation guys" becomes the hollowest phrase in the English language.

    8. The evil that account executives do is limitless.

    9. And even though the "concept" now sucks balls, it's still your concept and you have to see the turd to completion.



    The Awesome World of Advertising!

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