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44 Times Fox Mulder Was Totally Adorable

Twenty years ago, Fox Mulder stepped onto our TV screens and into our hearts with the premiere of The X-Files. The truth is out there: Mulder is presh.

1. When he made this face in the pilot.

2. When he was filled with longing.

3. And wonder.

4. And suaveness.

5. When he hugged a very relieved Scully.

6. And totally sniffed her hair.

7. When he made room on the bed.

8. When he refused to use his first name.

9. When he scored an invite to the coolest party.

10. When he didn't get the answer he was looking for.

11. When he and Scully shared an umbrella.

12. When he was a total rebel.

13. When he showed up at the door like this.

14. When he winked, and it was embarrassing for everyone.

15. When he made a self-deprecating penis joke.

16. When he was gleefully immature.

17. When he was inappropriately snarky.

18. When he got censored.

19. When he taught Scully how to bat.

20. When he forgot to comb his hair.

21. When he wore his glasses.

22. When he did this thing with his straw.

23. When he tried this pick-up line.

24. When he made Scully sing to him.

25. When he was sleep-deprived.

26. Like, REALLY sleep-deprived.

27. When he shared a passion for porn and sunflower seeds.

28. When he missed Elvis.

29. And dressed accordingly.

30. When he rocked out.

31. When he practiced looking scary.

32. When he knew how to order a drink.

33. When he made Scully blush.

34. When he just wanted to shoot some hoops.

35. When he and his besties took bubble baths.

36. When he got way too into a video game.

37. When he did his Mr. Potato Head impression.

38. When he needed Scully to believe.

39. When he made excellent dietary choices.

40. And even better viewing choices.

41. When he was effortlessly hip.

42. When he flirted relentlessly.

43. When he knew it was love.

44. And when he got the ending he deserved.