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    26 Reasons Saul Goodman Deserves His Own Spin-Off

    A tribute to Breaking Bad's fast-talking, crooked lawyer.

    It looks like one of the best characters from one of the best TV shows has just been given his own spin-off. Here's why.

    1. Saul helps everyone.

    2. He doesn't discriminate. Thieves, murderers, drug dealers. He's there for them.

    3. He's always looking out for his clients.

    4. Even when they decide to ignore him.

    5. He's down with the kids.

    6. But will still help out the elderly.

    7. His logic is flawless.

    8. He's not afraid to get to the point.

    9. And he'll tell you if you've gone too far.

    10. He's a charmer.


    11. And a patriot.

    12. Who's got some serious moves.

    13. And he takes pride in his appearance.

    14. He's quite the film buff.

    15. And can always be relied upon to lighten up the darkest of moments.

    16. But even so, he knows when people mean business.

    17. Saul likes to put his name out there.

    18. People know exactly what type of lawyer he is.

    19. OK, so he might not be what you'd call "honest".

    20. And he does seem to be pretty good at finding trouble.

    21. But he's always thinking about business.

    22. He always turns up in the nick of time to save his clients.

    23. And he's not afraid of telling the law where to go.

    24. He's got quite a way with words.

    25. But he's always the voice of sanity.

    26. So really, you've only got one option...

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