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24 Of The Gayest Things To Happen In 2018

A year of bottoming anthems and vagina pants.

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1. Hayley Kiyoko dropped an album full of queer girl bops that gave lesbians the mainstream pop representation we've been craving.

And her video for "What I Need" with Kehlani somehow made me even gayer.

2. Then when she won a VMA she screamed "IT'S 20GAYTEEN", which is the hugest mood ever.

💕 @HayleyKiyoko screaming #20GAYTEEN after winning her #VMA is my new favorite thing.

3. Troye Sivan also dropped his album Bloom, complete with a bottoming anthem.

4. Netflix released two new seasons of Queer Eye and introduced these five fabulous men into our lives.


5. Love, Simon became the first big-budget mainstream cinema film to centre around a gay teen romance.


6. Teddy Geiger made her first public appearance after transitioning. Also she and Emily Hampshire got engaged, and honestly I'm still screaming.

7. Though the film came out last year, Call Me By Your Name was loved by Oscar voters, and nominated for Best Picture.

Sony Pictures

8. Eric Radford became the first openly gay male athlete to win a medal at a Winter Olympics.

Harry How / Getty Images

9. Janelle Monáe's album Dirty Computer was released, and she blessed us with one of the gayest music videos of all time for "Pynk".

10. Demi and Kehlani grinded and kissed on stage and the gays of Twitter (myself included) practically had a meltdown.

demi and kehlani you’re welcome gays

11. We all became aware of bisexual lighting and the power it holds.

just watched Janelle Monae's Make Me Feel video and, alas, the bisexual lighting strikes again. I love us. I love our distinct and incredible aesthetic. is this what straight ppl feel like all the time

12. Blockers, which seemed like a standard goofy comedy, featured a teen lesbian without playing out a trope or making it a huge deal.

Everyone has to see #Blockers. It’s a refreshing lesbian teen comedy. It’s directed by a woman. It has butt-chugging. You will literally scream-laugh and clutch your pearls. I want to see @BlockersMovie again already.

13. Cheryl and Toni hooked up on Riverdale (though let's be real, they could use a little more screen time).


14. It was announced that K Stew, patron saint of lesbians, is in talks to star in a lesbian rom-com.

Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people! Kristen Stewart will star in the lesbian Christmas rom-com of your wildest holigay dreams!

15. Kesha officiated an ACTUAL wedding in the video for "I Need A Woman To Love".

16. A day after it was cancelled by Fox, Brooklyn 99 (a show with two LGBT main characters) was renewed.


17. DC announced that Ruby Rose would star as the openly-queer Batwoman in an upcoming TV show.

Jsquared Photography/The CW

18. Two male penguins in a Sydney aquarium became partners and fostered an egg.

Sydney Aquarium

19. It was revealed that Bert and Ernie were based off a gay couple.

Sesame Street

20. Netflix's Alex Strangelove was released, a queer teen coming-of-age story.

can y’all give alex strangelove the same hype y’all gave the kissing booth? honest to god, it’s 100x better than the kissing booth hands down. the plot lines are better, and overall, it’s just way better. why is no one talking about it smfh y’all hype the most basic ass films

21. Hannah Gadsby's Nanette was watched by what felt like everyone in the world.


22. Lena Waithe wore this incredible ensemble to the Met Gala.

Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

23. Alyson Stoner came out as bisexual in an essay on Teen Vogue.

24. And this guy made the most iconic video of all time.

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