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    "Alex Strangelove" Is A Much Needed LGBTQ Netflix Rom-Com That Gave Me The Feels

    "Alex Strangelove was great and adorable and now I'm a puddle on my living room floor."

    When it comes to making content that's both original and addicting, Netflix is KILLING IT!


    And the one genre viewers can't seem to get enough of lately is romantic comedy. The most recent rom-coms people can't stop raving about are The Kissing Booth and Set It Up.


    Well, I'm here to add another movie to your must-watch rom-com list: Alex Strangelove.


    It's a coming-of-age story about a high school senior (Alex Truelove) who falls in love with his best friend Claire. Alex is determined to lose his virginity to Claire, but he later meets a charming boy named Elliott who makes him rethink his sexuality.

    Walter Thomson / Netflix

    This film will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, but I promise you won't want to puke this time...just smile.


    It has everything you could possibly want from a rom-com. EXHIBIT A: attractive protagonists you can easily fall in love with.


    EXHIBIT B: A quirky best friend who's slightly problematic, but also too hilarious to ignore.

    And EXHIBIT C: A character who shakes up the natural order of the movie. You know the type that upsets you for messing things up, but also the kind you can root for.


    And yes, I know teen rom-coms tend to be cheesier than any other style of rom-coms but this one is actually good. It's filled with touching moments and an incredible cast.


    But one of the best surprises in the film came at the very end! Video submissions of real-life coming out stories were displayed all over the screen and if that doesn't make your soul cry, then I don't know what will.


    If you're still not convinced, just listen to what these people had to say:

    If you liked Love, Simon, don't miss Alex Strangelove on Netflix. A really lovely story about coming to terms with who you are.

    can y’all give alex strangelove the same hype y’all gave the kissing booth? honest to god, it’s 100x better than the kissing booth hands down. the plot lines are better, and overall, it’s just way better. why is no one talking about it smfh y’all hype the most basic ass films

    Everything that surrounds the existence of “LOVE, SIMON” is groundbreaking, but the movie itself isn’t. If you want a gay teen romcom that actually has something to say, try “ALEX STRANGELOVE.” Awful timing, premiering the same year as LS, but it’s definitely far more ballsy.

    Really enjoyed #AlexStrangelove on #netflix. Laughed so hard during the best friends’s hallucination scenes. I wasn’t ready 😂

    Y’all should watch « Alex Strangelove » it’s so fucking great omg

    Alex Strangelove was great and adorable and I’m now a puddle on my living room floor :,)

    If you haven’t already, GO WATCH ALEX STRANGELOVE ON NETFLIX. My heart is singing 😭❤️🏳️‍🌈

    Basically what I'm trying to say is, don't miss out on a good thing.

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