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    Teddy Geiger And "Schitt's Creek" Star Emily Hampshire Made Their Relationship Instagram Official

    "I love her so much. She is my dream."

    There's nothing that makes my heart runneth over more than seeing people in love.

    From rom-coms to public displays of affection, I honestly can't get enough of it.

    So when I stumbled on to Teddy Geiger's Instagram page and saw her all boo'd up with Schitt's Creek star Emily Hampshire, my face looked a little something like this:

    Here's what had me in my feelings:

    It all started with some photo booth fun. At this point I thought they were just friends...

    ...then I saw this adorable "USie" with the caption "Just me and my girlfriend" and couldn't control my emotions.

    But Emily wasn't the only one to make their relationship Instagram official. Teddy dedicated a few posts to her as well, with the most romantic captions.

    And let's not forget this one.

    By this point you should know that I already shipped the couple as "Temily" and there's no turning back now... here's more mushy posts, because I know you're just as invested as I am.

    Well, this is actually the last one, not because I'm tired of scrolling, but because it's the last one I could find.

    So on that note, congratulations to Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire for finding your person.