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    This Gay Penguin Couple Have Fostered An Egg And It's Bloody Adorable

    Flipper and Steve not Flipper and Eve.

    Let's cut right to the chase here: there's a gay penguin couple at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

    Sea Life Sydney

    Sphen and Magic are apparently inseparable – swimming and waddling around their enclosure together. Sphen shows his love for Magic by choosing a special stone and presenting it to him, which is basically the penguin equivalent of a proposal.

    Now, I know what you're thinking. That sounds... familiar.


    In an episode of Parks and Rec, Leslie married two penguins who turned out to both be male. Then she basically became queen of the gays.

    It's breeding time for the penguin exhibit, and Sphen and Magic created their own nest to house an egg. The keepers gave them a dummy egg to incubate. They ended up doing such a good job that they were given a real egg to foster.

    Sea Life Sydney

    According to the aquarium, "They were absolute naturals and displayed great excitement caring for their egg".

    They take turns incubating the egg and patrolling the perimeter of their nest to protect their bb egg. 😍 I've always thought penguins were weird and creepy but I gotta admit this is pretty damn cute.

    Twentygayteen really is thriving, huh?


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