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The 43 Most Spectacular Football GIFs of 2013

Catches! Runs! Football things in a looping image format!

43. Jacoby Jones

And the kiss for good measure.

42. Nate Washington

Neither the Jets secondary nor the ref ever stood a chance.

41. Le'Veon Bell

Heads-up football, indeed.

40. Scott Tolzien

Crazy Legs, we'll miss you.

39. Derrick Coleman

Pinball machines are fun.

38. Alshon Jeffrey

Like Jordan, only better. Right, Chicago? JK Chicago we're just messin' with "yous."

37. Alex Smith

Whether or not Smith meant to scramble here or he just botched the handoff and decided to go for the end zone, it worked out.

36. Allen Hurns

Deceptively difficult. Gets better the more you watch.

35. Donte Whitner

Being lucky > being good.

34. Matthew Stafford

Sometimes, the most reliable receiver is...yourself. Sorry, Chicago.

33. Peyton Manning

That brilliant bastard.

32. Ahmad Fulwood

Had it all the way.

31. Tashaun Gipson

Pretty good #yoink.

30. Rob Gronkowski

It's like those World Strongest Man competitions where they pull the truck behind them. Only not exactly.

29. Matthew Stafford

He's going to spike it! NO, HE'S NOT.

28. A.J. Green

Only his second-best catch of the year, too.

27. Dwayne Bowe

Head over heels is not usually a recommended strategy on these plays.

26. Randall Cobb

Cobb robbed the Lions secondary on this.

25. Arian Foster

Way to stick with the play.

24. Marquice Cole


23. T.Y. Hilton


22. Marvin Jones

Pass the Dramamine, if you please.

21. Vernon Davis

Even better: He did it twice in the same game.

20. Calvin Johnson

It's stupid how easy he always makes these runs look.

19. Sean Lissemore

Robert Griffin III wants that ball back but he's not getting it.

18. Robert Alford

Textbook concentration, if they taught this in textbooks.

17. Adrian Peterson

He's driving a Ferrari while we're following on our fixed-gears.

16. Antonio Cromartie

Maybe he can play wide receiver.

15. Adrian Peterson

On 4th and inches, too.

14. J.J. Worton

Greatest catch in UCF history, right?

13. A.J. Green

Hail Mary catch to send the game to OT. Sounds about right.

12. Mike James (to Tom Crabtree)

Mike James is not a quarterback. It didn't matter!

11. Johnthan Banks

The game-winning #yoink of the year, by far.

10. Pierre Garcon

Not much has gone right for Washington. But this sure was pretty.

9. Ryan Mathews

And he sticks the landing.

8. DeSean Jackson

Jackson doesn't need this kind of luck, but he'll take it.

7. Golden Tate

6. Rantavious Wooten

And yet, the second-best catch in this game. BY A BILLION MILES.

5. Devone Bess

4. Andre Johnson

Watch this and think about at what point a catch even becomes possible. And then Johnson does it. This is some insanely deft coordination.

3. Ricardo Louis

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, what?

2. Vincent Jackson

One arm is all you need, sometimes.

1. Jacoby Jones, in the Super Bowl

The biggest play of the year, on the biggest stage in the sport.