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The Last Year In Sports Was Unpredictable, Spectacular, And (Usually) Fantastic — Just Like Every Year

Sometimes, when you're watching garbage time of a midseason game that involves, say, the Knicks, it's easy to forget exactly how much bonker-balls craziness happens in sports pretty much constantly. With the goal of getting you excited, psyched up and jacked sideways for 2014, here's a review of all the awesomeness, shocking villainy, and general bonker-ballsness from the last year in athletic competition.

The Tebow List: 14 Athletes And Teams Who Completely Fell Off The Map In 2013

From the center of the sports conversation to, like, the mildew-y edges of the sports conversation in less than a calendar year.

The 12 Sports Figures Who Changed The Photobomb Game In 2013

They came, they saw, they made all of these moments significantly better.

The 29 Most Creative NFL Celebrations Of 2013

The only rule: Dance like everyone's watching you.

26 Times ESPN Made You Say WTF In 2013

The Worldwide Leader in SMH.

The 89 Funniest Sports GIFs Of 2013

Bellyflops. Cakes smashed into faces. Hovercrafts. This year had it all.

The 19 Worst NFL Plays Of 2013

Not exactly how they drew 'em up.

The 20 Most U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Moments Of 2013

The year in "Only in America."

The 43 Best Sports Photos Of 2013

Thrills. Chills. Spills. Red Sox. What a year it was.

21 Fans Who Restored Your Faith In Alcohol In 2013

Helping fans become fools since the beginning of time.

The 35 Most Memorable NFL Fans Of 2013

You might know one of these excellent people.

The 21 Most Perfect Moments Captured By Kiss And Dance Cams In 2013

Those lenses capture some awkward, funny, goofy, adorable, and amazing stuff.

The 42 Most Important Dunks of 2013 (NBA Edition)

There is nothing more important than a dunk. NOTHING!

The 43 Most Spectacular Football GIFs of 2013

Catches! Runs! Football things in a looping image format!

The 25 Best Buzzer Beaters Of 2013

He put the nail in the coffin!

The 16 Fan Bases God Hated Most In 2013

It's been a painful year, but it'll get better. For some of you. *Tries not to look Cleveland in the eye*

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