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These Guys Did The Best Lip Syncing To 'Hello'

Four college guys killed a lip syncing competition at their college covering Adele's Hello.

EmilyJoyWallace 3 years ago

19 Signs You're Probably An Art Major

You may not make money with your major, but by golly you'll leave college with a lot of mugs.

EmilyJoyWallace 4 years ago

12 Unique Survival Tips For Surviving A Horror Movie

So many have tried to survive horror movies, few have made it, here is what I've learned.

EmilyJoyWallace 4 years ago

13 Stages Of Going Back To School After Midterm Break

The semester just keeps going, like the Energizer Bunny. And going, and going...

EmilyJoyWallace 4 years ago

21 Realities Of Taking A College Health Class When You're Athletically Challenged

Why is this class required?!? This is public shaming.

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago

20 Signs You Have Significantly Older Parents Than Everyone Else Your Age

It seemed normal at first, but as you got older you started to notice some things. Like: "My parents are old!"

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago

9 Types Of People You'll Inevitably Get Stuck On Planes With

There is always one of them on each flight. Chances are you've already met.

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago

18 Steps Of Hair Cut Remorse

Why did i do this to myself?! At first this seems like a good idea... but then reality steps in.

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago

22 Survival Tips For Moving To The Midwest

Moving to Tornado Alley can be intimidating. Here are some tips to help you survive the culture shock.

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago

13 Reason Why Baby Goats Are The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Baby goats versus whole wheat bread? The answer is clear.

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago

16 Realities Of Working On Your School Newspaper

You will truly understand if you were on newspaper.

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago

12 Things Only People With Popular Names Understand

Why did my parents pick the same name as five other kids in my class?

EmilyJoyWallace 5 years ago