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18 Steps Of Hair Cut Remorse

Why did i do this to myself?! At first this seems like a good idea... but then reality steps in.

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1. You're like: "Man if I had shorter hair I would have so much more time in the morning!"

2. You tell yourself that you'd look like the celebrities who cut their hair

"Oh I could definitely pull that off!"

"Oh I could definitely pull that off!"

3. You think of all the money you would save on hair products

4. You dismiss all the haircut horror stories because you know you'll pull it off

5. You do tons of research on exactly what haircut your going to get


Pixie?! The bob? Who cares as long as i look like Emma Watson!

6. You wait for a final sign that you should get a haircut

7. Finally you go into the salon with you stack of pictures you want your haircut to look like

8. Mid- hair cut you realize you have made a terrible mistake

9. All you see is:

10. You don't want to look in the mirror but you can't look away


Did they even look at my pictures?!

11. The whole drive home you're trying not to cry


Don't panic!

12. You try as many different style as you can but they all like dumb

13. You completely doubt your judgement

14. You invest into a hat collection


Jason Mraz status of hats

15. You research oodles of ways to make your hair grow faster

16. You tell your tale to others in hopes to save them from your mistake

17. Eventually you accept the fate, that you are stuck with this haircut, but you vow to never do this to yourself again!

18. But girl, You own that hair!


You work that short hair

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