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21 Realities Of Taking A College Health Class When You're Athletically Challenged

Why is this class required?!? This is public shaming.

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1. When you realize that PE requirements don't end in high school


Except college classes have classier names to try and hide the fact they are just PE classes.

Warning! Classes with the names: "Concept of physical fitness" or "Physical training education"

2. For some reason these dreadful classes are offered first thing in the morning


3. You try to convince your Prof that coffee is hydrating


But there is no fooling a health Prof, and they will continually give you judgmental glares as you try to chug it as fast as possible.

4. Your Prof doubles as a coach for one or more of your school's sports and therefore only likes to be addressed as "coach"


5. Because they are a coach their "normal" speaking voice is a soft yelling



6. In every lecture your prof refers back to, "When I was an athlete..."

Which will never apply to you because you have not and never will be an athlete.

7. Eventually you must leave the security of your classroom and venture forth to the gym

8. All the athletes act like they are returning home

meanwhile for you, this is foreign territory..

This is probably the first time you have ever set foot into the gym.

9. You start sweating during stretches

10. You are required to run in circles, which everyone else accepts as a social norm.

Everyone is running in a small herd... and you're in the back of the pack

11. "Take your heart rate..." Meanwhile yours is at least double everyone else

12. Everyone else seems to know how all the machines work... Meanwhile, you sit on it backwards.

Everyone laughs, and you pretend you did it for attention.

13. You have to lower the weight considerably on every machine after the last person


14. You avoid eye contact with the Prof because you know they are going to come correct whatever you are now doing wrong.


15. The Prof refers to you as "cute" because you are so pathetic.

Which is more humiliating than anything you have done to yourself so far in the class.

16. You begin to pretend you know how things work, just so people stop trying to help you.

But they still know..

17. Your athletic friends are embarrassed to be associated with you.

18. You are never dressed appropriately for the class activity

But when you are dressed for athletic activity, its just a notes day

Running shorts, running shoes, sports bra... in the desk all period.

19. Everyone else knows the terms for all the technical body parts

Meanwhile you use terms like: "arm" or "foot"

20. When people get paired up with you, you feel the need to apologize.

And after a while you get paired up with an equally unathletic person as to spare the rest of the class the bad grade.

21. Just get through the class as quickly as possible to end this humiliation

Because lets be real, your whole class is watching you.

One day you'll look back on this class and laugh

But that day is not today

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