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13 Stages Of Going Back To School After Midterm Break

The semester just keeps going, like the Energizer Bunny. And going, and going...

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1. You get back on campus totally motivated that you will bring up all those low grades

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"I will read every word of every chapter and go over the notes before class!"

2. You caught up on sleep over break so you are re-energized!

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3. But then it hits you...

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...and hits you...

...and hits you.

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4. This is when you remember why you needed a break.

Papers! On Papers! On Presentations!

5. Your professors presume you only did homework over break.

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Since you had a long weekend they expect the assignment to be really well done...

6. You didn't buy any replacement school supplies like you told yourself you would.

"Does anyone have an extra pen? And paper? And highlighter?"

7. All that sitting around over break made you realize how busy you were during school. / Via

Wait, I was doing ALL of this before break too?!

8. The cafeteria food re-enters your daily routine.

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There is no way it was this bad before break...Right?

9. You rush through all the assignments you had all those extra days for...that you kept putting off.

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10. By the end of the first week back you're exhausted.

11. You find you have even less motivation than you did before break.

12. You begin the countdown to Thanksgiving break.

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13. Hang in there kid...We've all been there.

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