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9 Types Of People You'll Inevitably Get Stuck On Planes With

There is always one of them on each flight. Chances are you've already met.

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1. The Supermom

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They have coloring books, crayons, crackers, kids on leashes, prizes for who is the quietest, flashing toys, portable dvd player, etc etc.

They often say: "You are being so good; someone is ready for their reward for when we land."

2. The Not-so-Supermom

They often have their child leashes tangled, they are yelling louder than their child is crying, or are on their phones completely oblivious of their child's actions.

They can be heard saying: "Now where did he go?! That kid..."

3. The Fearful-flyer

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They are easily identified by their white knuckles as they clench the armrests the entire flight, and their constant ordering of ginger ale.

They often say: "Did you feel that?!? Why is there so much turbulence? Did you know pilots can work 16 hours without a break and often fall asleep at command?"

4. The First-timer

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They slowly walk down the aisle looking at every seat number, they read the safety pamphlet, they have no idea where to sit and often sit in another's assigned spot.

They can be heard saying: "This is my first flight."

*Not to be confused with the fearful-flyer, even though they may show similar behaviors.


5. The Flirt

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Often identified by their close proximity to the flight attendants, their asking of personal questions, and their showing of way too much personal information.

They often say clever lines like: "Come here often?" "I just got out of a relationship and I'm taking a trip to find myself."

6. The Absolutely Adorable old couple

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They travel in pairs, look out for each other in the airport, and yell at full volume as to hear each other (and yet still can't).

They can be heard saying things like: "LOOK AT HER SWEATSHIRT, SHE GOES TO COLLEGE" "WHAT?" "SHE GOES TO COLLEGE" "WHAT?"

8. The Redneck

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They often talk so loudly the whole plane can hear them, every few words they say would be bleeped out by the TSA, and their conversation revolves around their hatred for their job and their love of hunting trips.

Conversation consists of: "Yeah, deer season should be good this year, and also I hate my boss."

9. The Airplane Runway Model

They often wear name brand clothing, check their make-up upon boarding the plane and once the plane lands, and they take the longest at security because of all their jewelry.

They often think its clever to say: "I travel in style."

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