22 Survival Tips For Moving To The Midwest

Moving to Tornado Alley can be intimidating. Here are some tips to help you survive the culture shock.

1. When they say “beg” you picture:

When in reality they mean

2. “Dinner” is what they call lunch, and “Supper” is their version of dinner

3. Translation time: “pop” is actually soda!

4. Midwest summers are ridiculously hot


5. Winters… well you now live in the Tundra.

6. Towns are identified by their water towers

and they get creative.

7. This is their version of “mountains”

8. Wrestling is just as big as football out here

9. Heat lightning storms are a thing

and they are beautiful

10. Instead of Safeway’s they have this:

11. Instead of Circle K’s they have this:

And they are everywhere!

12. Psh.. Starbucks what? They have this:

But be prepared, Midwesterners like their coffee strong!

13. They watch this show religiously

14. Tornados to them are no big deal:

But for you:

Where is the cellar?! Why aren’t people running?! When does the cow fly by?

15. What you picture when they say “silo”:

What them mean when they say “silo”:

16. This is what most of their highways look like

Two lanes forever…

17. This is where most of their shopping is done

and there is always one within an hour or two drive

18. “Speech” is a competition here

19. They have much knowledge of corn

20. They have captured happiness and put it all in one place

21. They have tons of summer festivals for everything!

Butterfestival, Tulip Festival, Rhubarb Festivals…

22. Did I mention the ice?

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