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12 Unique Survival Tips For Surviving A Horror Movie

So many have tried to survive horror movies, few have made it, here is what I've learned.

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1. Get straight across bangs


Think about it ladies! The rocker chick from MAMA, straight across bangs, daughter from conjuring, straight across bangs. So moral of their hairstyles is if you're being chased, grab scissors and cut bangs, then you will survive. It's guaranteed.

6. Also never go in the basement


What are you people thinking? Ignorance is bliss. The bad guy will never get you if you don't go looking for him. He gets the basement, you get the rest of the house. Problem solved. And this goes for attics too!

8. Always carry a protein bar


At all times. I'm serious! You never know when horror is going to strike and you never see people sitting down to have their dinner while a demon is haunting their attic. You just dont.

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