100 Things I Learned In 100 BuzzFeed Posts

Congratulations to me. [Ed. note — This is the second time a BuzzFeeder has done a post like this! We’d love to see more!]

This is my 100th BuzzFeed post

I’ve learned a few things along the way

Here are 100 of those things that I have learned

1. Animated GIFs are probably a new artistic medium

2. Emma Stone will probably go down as the world’s first celebrity of the GIF medium

3. This photograph is pretty much the best thing ever

4. BuzzFeed is an Oxford Comma fan

AP Style for life!

5. Adding a spray top to a bottle of Sriracha may be something one can do

There is a debate on this.

6. I have the same birthday as Doug Funnie

Apparently not only are we both named Doug, we were also both born on August 22.

7. My relationship with Doug Funnie is conflicted

8. Ice hockey is apparently irrelevant other than fighting

I do not agree.

9. There are people out there that can make a controversy out of completely meaningless things

10. Should this article gain promotion, they will probably find something fundamentally wrong with it

11. In essence, trolls are lame

12. There is a National Cheeseburger Day

It comes each year on September 18.

13. National Coffee Day is coming up

It’s September 29.

14. Beer commercials were once much better than they are today

15. Spelling, grammar and punctuation count

I was never quite sure why people thought that spelling and grammar should not count, but there was always at least one person in every college class that had to ask that question if there was a writing assignment. That’s why it’s called writing.

16. RapidoResizer is a great piece of software

Seriously, you must download it.

17. This USB lighter exists

18. Stunning photographs of nature will get clicks

21. If you’re not shamelessly self-indulgent, you might be doing it wrong

22. Corgis are great

23. This is what Neil Patrick Harris’ tongue looks like

24. I’m mad because I am not an astronaut

25. A good post can make people act irrationally

27. There are snakes that live in the ocean

I’m never going swimming again.

28. Mountain Goats are the next big thing

29. You can never go wrong layering praise upon Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

30. While we’re at it, Jon Hamm is pretty cool as well

31. And let’s not forget Ryan Gosling

32. Putting a reference to Britney Spears in a post never hurts

33. Virality is not rational

34. There are a lot of really smart people out there

35. Conversely, there is a certain level of stupidity that is pervasive on the Internet

36. The University of Utah has a pretty strange mascot

37. In addition, UCLA’s mascot has great eye brows

38. There are a lot of people that like Puffins

It’s not just me!

39. Not all lobsters look the same


41. Maru is no longer relevant

If this fact doesn’t make you sad, then you have no soul.

42. Grumpy Cat is the most relevant Internet Cat

43. The Pirates are capable of being a winning baseball team

44. The Beatles performed scenes from Shakespeare

45. Creativity can be found anywhere

46. A reference to Star Wars, Doctor Who or Neil deGrasse Tyson goes a long way


49. Jim Henson’s last interview is great

50. There is New York, and, then, there is everywhere else

51. Speaking of everywhere else, Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is another place

52. Strange things happen at Minor League Baseball games

53. Cronuts are wonderful things

54. Donald Trump does inspire visual artists

55. There are a limited number of things more important than Miley Cyrus

56. Posts about BuzzFeed are most likely going to increase one’s Cat Power

57. Somebody thought it was a good idea to market this breakfast cereal

58. Batman & Robin had some of the best writing of all time

59. Xzibit can explain many things

60. reddit has a complicated relationship with BuzzFeed

61. But Facebook is pretty much in love

62. Tumblr is a wonderful place

63. These two are great!

You can’t say enough about these two.

64. This GIF is applicable to nearly every Mumford and Sons song

65. Watching Metropolitan can be a religious experience

66. The Newsroom is synonymous with hate-watching

Seriously, Google it.

67. So many life hacks


70. The 90s were a great time to be alive

71. Wikipedia is your friend

72. There are a lot of things I don’t know about my favorite television shows

73. Living 100 years ago must have been pretty cool

74. Outer Space is a color

75. Baby Aardvarks are not cute

Well, at least not cute in a traditional way.

76. Baby red pandas are extraordinarily cute

77. Hedgehogs are cute at any age

78. As are Kiwi

79. This place exists

It’s called Port Campbell National Park, and it’s in Australia.

80. Posting in BuzzFeed Community probably wont ever translate to a job at BuzzFeed

Don’t fall for their propaganda. I’ve been applying for three years.

81. Nevertheless, I will probably keep posting things

82. We are close to a day where there will be an animated GIF for every possible situation

83. If you are feeling blue, there are always animated GIFs of Zoidberg

I’ll miss you, Futurama.


86. Full House knew that animated GIFs were coming


That show was totally ahead of the times.

88. msnbc has collectively never been to Upstate New York

Or, at least, msnbc should invest in an atlas.

89. There are a lot of things that the NFL wont print on a custom jersey

He Hate Me is one of them.

90. Making sense is overrated

92. There are a lot of really weird remixes and mashups on SoundCloud


Some are good and a lot are pretty bad.

95. BuzzFeed is probably the Internet equivalent of NPR

Think about it. All BuzzFeed needs is tote bags and non-profit status

96. Posting on BuzzFeed can be fun

97. But it’s not always

98. Making a list with 100 items is difficult

99. But not as hard as making 100 posts

100. And I did just that

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