15 Revised Stop Signs

Sometimes you have to more than just pump the breaks.

1. Don’t Stop Me Now

ID: 1633377

2. Stop Exxon Mobil

David Shannon / Via Flickr: dshaboy
ID: 1633260

3. St(art)

Rich Anderson / Via commons.wikimedia.org
ID: 1633265

4. Stop in the Name of Love

ID: 1633294

5. Stop Obesity

thornet_ / Via Flickr: thornet

It’s all about context.

ID: 1633375

6. Don’t Stop Believin’

ID: 1633304

7. I Wouldn’t Stop Here If I Was U

Not the best message to send.

ID: 1633365

8. Don’t Stop; Get It; Get It

ID: 1633286

9. Stop War

ID: 1633274

10. Stop, Drop, Shut ‘Em Down, Open Up Shop

ID: 1633313

11. Go

The low budget approach

ID: 1633288

12. Stop, Collaborate and Listen

ID: 1633391

13. Stop Eating Animals

Kliojünger / Via commons.wikimedia.org
ID: 1633282

14. Stop Graffiti

Makes sense.

ID: 1633267

15. Stop, Hammer Time

ID: 1633290

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