1 GIF That Sums Up Every Mumford & Sons Song

It’s amazingly accurate!

1. Ok, here’s the GIF. It’s brilliant!

ID: 615384

2. First let’s look at it with “Little Lion Man”

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ID: 615377

4. And their new single “I Will Wait”

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ID: 615370

6. It goes pretty well with “Babel”

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ID: 615392

8. And the chorus of “The Cave” (jump to 1:37)

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ID: 615430

10. Here it is with “White Blank Page” (jump to 1:35)

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ID: 615427

12. And the end of “Awake My Soul” (jump to 2:38)

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ID: 615455

Thank you Internet, for this amazing GIF.

ID: 615463

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