15 Terrifying Creatures From The Ocean

Excuse me while I throw away my swimsuits. Many of these species are threatened or endangered, so we should probably learn to get along.

1. Great White Shark

Okay, that one is out of the way.

ID: 1541728

2. Narwhal

If I came in contact with a group a spear wielding whales, I would run the other way.

ID: 1541726

3. Fanfin Anglerfish

There is a whole world of fishes like this one living deep within the ocean. This is actually one of the cuter looking ones of the bunch.

ID: 1541734

4. Portuguese Man O’ War

A large and very poisonous jellyfish. The one thing you really don’t want to see while snorkeling.

ID: 1541735

5. Common Sawfish

This critically endangered species is best recognized for having a giant saw for a snout, hiding in sand and not looking like something you would want to pick a fight with.

ID: 1541705

6. Killer Whale (Orca)

Sure, they look like they would be the pandas of the sea, but I’m pretty sure they are called ‘Killer Whales’ for a reason.

ID: 1541720

7. Moray Eel

Just count the teeth.

ID: 1541774

8. Giant Squid

I think I just inked myself.

ID: 1541737

9. Banded Sea Krait

Snakes on land are bad enough. Also do beware that most seasnakes are venomous, including this one.

ID: 1541743

10. Tasmanian Giant Crab

I’m not sure if ‘Giant’ really does it justice.

ID: 1541753

11. Bull Shark

Just imagine if a bunch of these were in a tornado.

ID: 1541760

12. Coelacanth

These living fossils may not be particularly dangerous, but they do have too many fins for me to be fully comfortable.

ID: 1541764

13. Elephant Seal

This picture was obviously taken by a brave individual

ID: 1541766

14. Blue Ringed Octopus

Anything that is less than a half foot in size but has the power to kill a human is not a friendly fellow.

ID: 1541769

15. Sting Ray

Always ruining pictures. Tisk tisk.

ID: 1541781

When all else fails…

ID: 1541784

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