32 Bachelor Hacks That Will Improve Everyone’s Lives

As a bachelor, I will admit that we do things a little bit different than our friends that are married with a family. However, you’d be surprised how the ingenuity of bachelors can make everyone’s life easier. From Summer Food Hacks to beer openers, this is ingenuity at its best.

1. Your Mac Plugin is Also a Bottle Opener

ID: 1545150

2. Tortillas are just Edible Plates

And you’ll never have to wash dishes again.

ID: 1545161

3. Dental Floss also Doubles as a Knife for Cake

That’s right, cutting cake with floss actually works better because it doesn’t flatten it.

These guys actually have a lot of other ideas, such as baking in tin cans and others.

You can find their summer food hacks here.

ID: 1545191

4. You Can Make Grilled Cheese in Your Toaster

ID: 1545202

5. You Milk Jug Can Also Water Your Plants

ID: 1545206

6. Sponges Make Pedaling Barefoot Possible

ID: 1545211

7. Discard Pepper. Acquire Oreos.

ID: 1545220

8. If You Can’t Put Something on by Yourself, Use a Paperclip

ID: 1545224

9. Take Out Boxes DO Expand

ID: 1545228

10. Put a Lazy Susan in the Fridge

ID: 1545237

11. How to Get Ride of the Cereal Dust in Your Bag

ID: 1545241

12. No Roasting Rack? No Problem.

ID: 1545255

13. Duct Tape can be Used for EVERYTHING.

ID: 1545279

14. Computer Amplification at its Finest

ID: 1545287

15. How to Keep Your Ear Buds from Tangling

ID: 1545297

16. Arrange Your Leftovers in a Circle for Even Reheating

ID: 1545316

17. Bachelor Air Freshener (Also Works with Drier Sheets).

ID: 1545318

18. All the Grocery Bags in One Trip

ID: 1545327

19. Prevent Cake from Going Stale with Bread and Toothpicks

ID: 1545334

20. Can’t Find a Corkscrew? No Problem.

ID: 1545337

21. Tennis Balls Also Make for Great Bottle Openers

ID: 1545341

22. Add Velcro to Your Remotes

ID: 1545345

23. Drink and Clean Yourself at the Same Time with a Shower Beer

Trust me. This will change your life.

ID: 1545354

24. Smelly Sneakers? Freeze Them. Same Goes with Jeans.

The cold will help kill the bacteria causing the smells.

ID: 1545356

25. Drill Holes in your Trash Can to Keep Bags from Sticking

ID: 1545364

26. Pants Hangers can also Hold Cookbooks

ID: 1545372

27. Cool Ranch Seasoning

ID: 1545383

28. Nutella Lids Work Perfect for Tin Cans

ID: 1545402

29. How to Empty Sodas into Your Fridge

ID: 1545418

30. The Easiest Way to Cut Small Fruit

ID: 1545430

31. If Your Soda Doesn’t Fit in the Fridge, Tear the Box in Half

ID: 1545436

32. How to Properly Use the Pizza Box

ID: 1545519

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