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    30 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Person Who Says They "Don't Want Anything"

    Brews, board games, boxers, and more for your hard-to-shop-for boo.

    1. A mirrored skincare fridge they can use to store the serum, moisturizer, and jade roller they've come to love *almost* as much as you.

    The mirrored four-liter mini fridge which has two shelves

    2. A variety pack of Reese's candies for the person who doesn't like random doodads but who will never say no to chocolate — especially peanut butter-laced chocolate.

    The variety pack which comes with 30 candies

    3. A custom photo album so they can flip through all the cherished memories you two have shared whenever the mood strikes. Everything down to the layouts and fonts is customizable, making for a truly personal keepsake.

    4. A silky massage oil with a tropical jasmine and ylang-ylang scent that helps to ease muscle tension and leaves skin feeling oh so hydrated. Massage all their tough-to-reach spots and you'll rack up some serious romantic bonus points.

    5. An elegantly packaged apéritif with a refreshing lemony flavor that'll upgrade their at-home cocktail game while doubling as something for the two of you to sip on during a romantic night in.

    A tray with a bottle of Haus with a model holding a glass sitting on the floor

    6. A pair of Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers to treat their toes to some of the coziest cushioning on Earth.

    7. A jerky sampler box for the curious taste tester so they can mark a few new types of meat off their "I've tried that" list. Ostrich meat? Check.

    8. A Book of the Month subscription that'll send them a hardcover book of their choice every month. It takes the scary guesswork out of offering book recs and gets more great titles on their shelves for less $$$.

    9. A marble cheese slicer to level up your weekly charcuterie board dates even if your Two-Buck Chuck isn't going anywhere fast.

    The marble cheese slicer with a block of cheese on top

    10. An Amazon Echo Flex smart speaker for your partner or "special" friend so neither of you have to fumble around searching for the Spotify app on your phone when the mood strikes. 😉

    The miniature speaker which is roughly the size of a deck of cards

    11. A tray of Baked by Melissa cupcakes because who doesn't love miniature baked goods?? I mean seriously — they're like the size of a quarter so they can try out all the flavors without getting a stomachache.

    A tray of 25 miniature cupcakes

    12. A MeUndies gift card for a membership so they can get high-quality, comfortable underwear with make-them-smile prints sent straight to their door. Up the romance factor and get each of you a matching pair!

    Two model wearing matching red underwear with illustrations of hearts and love-themed text messages

    13. A matte disposable camera so you can take a bunch of silly photos together and then — while they're being developed at a local CVS — wait a suspenseful week to see if you nailed your shots or overexposed everything.

    14. A gift card for a Sips by subscription box filled with premium teas, personalized to match their taste preferences. Every month, they'll get sent everything they need to steep and sip their way to serenity.

    A top-down view of a model holding a mug of tea and sitting in front of a box filed with different kinds of tea

    15. A potted plant that won't poison their furry friends and arrives pre-potted in a stylish ceramic pot. A fun fact to share with the giftee: this plant self-propagates, and the sprouts are called "pups."

    A small potted pilea peperomioide plant on a side table next to a book and a smoking palo santo stick

    16. An admittedly cheesy but still really cute novelty tee emblazoned with everyone's favorite Jedi master and a sweet little love note.

    The blue shirt which has a Yoda illustration and says "Yoda one for me"

    17. A vintage Kate Spade kettle caffeine drinkers are sure to adore. If they have a thing for matching sets, you can also get accent plates, mugs, trays and more in the same darling design.

    The polka-dotted white kettle which has a cherry pattern

    18. An easy-to-learn board game that will have you tuning in to each other's mental ~wavelengths~ and getting to know each other a little better with every round!

    19. Or, if you want to double up on board games, Azul, a tile placement game that's exceptionally pretty (it's inspired by Moorish art) and super simple to pick up.

    20. A plush donut pillow sure to win over any sweet-obsessed friends. If strawberry isn't their favorite, donut worry — it also comes in chocolate.

    21. A United Sodas of America gift card so your loved one can purchase a variety pack of the Instagrammable cans.

    The variety pack which comes with 12 flavors

    22. A symbolic wildlife adoption for your favorite do-gooder and animal-lover. It comes with information about the species, an adoption certificate, and a plushie version of the adopted animal they can snuggle up with in your absence.

    A sloth plushie sitting in front of a cardboard box with a mix of sloth-related fact cards and an adoption certificate

    23. A Framebridge gift card so they can finally frame their favorite photos — including that embarrassing one of the two of you where they're absolutely glowing but your eyes are only half open.

    A gallery wall with various styles of frames

    24. A pair of light saber chopsticks for an out-of-this-world mealtime experience any Star Wars fan will love! A set comes with two pairs, so any food battles you two have can be settled the Jedi way.

    25. A year-long subscription to Stitcher Premium so they can finally catch up on the podcast you've been telling them about for months. Nothing says Happy V-Day like access to thousands of hours of true crime, right?

    Three available podcasts including My Favorite Murder

    26. A modern canvas that just looks like a bunch of lines, but is actually their favorite film — as represented by a chronological color strip from every scene. This here is Good Will Hunting.

    The Good Will Hunting Frome

    27. A cacao turmeric blend for the wellness-obsessed that'll make incorporating the health benefits of turmeric a delicious treat and not a chore!

    28. A house-shaped tissue box cover because the best gifts solve mundane problems, like transforming their unsightly tissue box into enviable decor.

    A three-dimensional house-shaped tissue holder sitting next to a vase of flowers

    29. A spray hand and surface sanitizer — aptly named "Germaphobe" — that has a festive pine scent and actually leaves hands feeling moisturized instead of woefully dry and sticky — like the goopy sanitizers your S.O. is probably toting around now.

    A hand holding a spray bottle of Every Humans Germaphobe hand sanitizer

    30. And a deck of monochrome playing cards so they can ace their next game night, or make their next round of solitaire extra *aesthetic*.

    A set of white playing cards with simple red and white suit markers in the corners

    Opening their gift after they told you they didn't want anything:

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