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53 Subtle Tattoo Ideas Your Parents Won't Even Mind

Loved by anyone who's keeping you from getting ~inked~.

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Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

5. Crossroads

Taylor Kaclik / Via

6. Needle and Thread

Doctor Woo / Via

7. Aperture

Júlia Bicudo / Via

8. Powerful Reminders

Heather CC BY-ND / Via Flickr: fiftyseventimesover

9. Spine Accent

13. Perfect Contours

14. Uneven Neck Lines

Ke Neil We / Via

17. ...Perfect for the Heel

24. Elbow Inscriptions

Musa Anoud Hernández / Via

31. Triangles on the Sole

Penny Quirk / Via

33. Inner-Lip Cross


For all riot grrrls and Kathleen Hanna fans.

42. Concentric Dots

Try white ink for an even subtler look.

43. Solid-Line bracelet

Hannah O'Byrne / Via

44. Scribbled Cursive on the Arm

46. ...Or the Ribs

53. Body Ribbon

Sanne Vaghi / Via Facebook: SanneVaghi