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May 2016
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    aliciam4fa618d95 commented on This Working Mom Unapologetically Took Her First-Grade Son Out Of Virtual Learning And It Started A Very Important Twitter Thread

    As a teacher, I had a really hard time reading this article. I admit I willingly chose to read this knowing it would provoke mixed feelings. Everyone’s mental health should be the priority and something I include in every email I send to my families. I encourage them to modify work,… 

    6 months ago

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    aliciam4fa618d95 commented on What's An Example Of Terrible Parenting In A Movie Or TV Show?

    When Lorelei stops speaking to Rory after she “quits” Yale. Rory is obviously going through something and yes, maybe made the wrong decision of going to Emily and Richard behind Lorelei’s back. BUT Lorelei is her MOTHER and lets her ego get in the way! Instead of offering support,… 

    11 months ago

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    aliciam4fa618d95 commented on Do You Have A Tiny Or Subtle Tattoo?

    I got my tattoo after my dad died. I read the poem “I carry your heart” by E.E. Cummings at his funeral and found this image associated with the following line: I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

    2 years ago

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    aliciam4fa618d95 commented on What's The Best Advice Your Therapist Ever Gave You?

    I started therapy three weeks after my dad suddenly passed away. I was 25 and still living at home, so his death had a huge impact on me and my life. I was having a really hard time moving forward. My therapist said in one of our sessions "beauty can come out of a tragedy. It doesn't… 

    3 years ago

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