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    31 Gifts For The Most Awkward People In Your Life

    They'll thank you in the only way they know how. Awkwardly.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of knee socks for when they feel like a fish out of water...which is all the time.

    the knee high socks that look like a shark eating your leg

    2. A plush heart because they may be awkward on the outside, but this will remind them that our hearts beat the same.

    a heart plush

    3. A polyjuice potion mug in case they want to transform into the life of the party at the next company shindig.

    the polyjuice potion mug

    4. A brain or mouth pin if there appears to be some sort of disconnect between their brain and what actually comes out of their mouth.

    5. A Tamagotchi On because they're more comfortable in virtual worlds so you might as well gift them with a virtual pet.

    the tamagotchi on in the color magic green

    6. A pack of work-related affirmation cards to remind them that their quirky ways are what makes them a unique asset to the team, and we wouldn't trade them for the world.

    7. A screaming goat figurine that'll come in handy when they can't actually find the words to express the dread of having to come up with a bio for their dating profile.

    the screaming goat

    8. A stress relief toy perfect for keeping in their pocket throughout the day. Whenever they're feeling a little anxious, they can give it a good squeeze and breathe through the moment.

    the stress reliever toy that looks like an egg yolk

    9. A set of oversized sunglasses, so they can avert their eyes when holding eye contact becomes a bit much.

    a reviewer wearing the sunglasses in black

    10. A fleece blanket for self-soothing after an exhausting day of small talk and smiles. They can go home, throw on this hugging blanket, and curl up with their fave person — themselves.

    a person sitting on a couch wearing the fleece blanket in navy

    11. A Bob Ross bobblehead figure with 10 preloaded quotes in the soothing monotone sounds of Bob Ross's voice — perfect for quick recovery after embarrassing moment.

    the bob ross bobble head and mini easel featuring Ross's landscape artwork

    12. A set of double-sided mask coasters for when they don't feel like putting on a happy face.

    the double-sided mask coasters

    13. A leather coin purse that'll come in handy when there's a long line at the store and they just want to get in and get out as soon as possible. "I've got a penny right here." 🏃🏽💨

    the leather coin purses in black camel blush pink and navy

    14. A contemplative phone case, so when they're asked a question they can simply raise their phone to send a bat signal to others that their answer is on the way.

    the phone case

    15. A sloth coloring book to help them slow down after a busy day and relax their mind. They can't overthink while coloring sloths!

    the sloth coloring book

    16. A sound button that'll say "no" 10 different ways and help them stand up for themselves. Too nervous to decline an invite? Just give the button a quick press.

    the no button

    17. A Cardalloon that'll transform the basic greeting card and string balloon combo into an interactive hybrid. Just put a message on the box, when the gift recipient presses the button, the balloon inflates. If you're looking to say Happy Birthday, ~feel better soon,~ or send an eggplant emoji for reasons only you know, it's sure to make a splash.

    18. A dino food holder because nothing is ever regular at their house so taco night will be no different. They'll love serving tacos on the back of an ultrasaurus and will probably have a few dad jokes to go with it.

    the dinosaur taco holder

    19. Crafting with Cat Hair, a helpful book complete with a list of crafts they can do with their cat, well, with their cat's hair.

    the book

    20. An invisibility cloak, because they often feel like disappearing. This cool cloak comes with an app to make this virtually possible. When they put it on, just play along and act like you can't see them.

    the cloak

    21. A card game ideal for game nights because it's all about the weird things people search for on the internet — a game they can truly relate to. *types into Google* "What happens when a parrot..."

    the card game

    22. A body pillow complete with a torso and one arm to give the illusion that they're being held by someone without actually having to be held by someone.

    the body pillow

    23. An honest T-shirt, because it's what they do and we love them for it.

    a t-shirt that reads I came I saw I made it awkward

    24. A friendly notepad to sit on their desk or slap on the fridge so they can write themselves notes, or encourage their friends and family without having to actually talk to them.

    the notepad

    25. A pair of unicorn slippers perfect for relaxing their feet after a long day of walking and hoping to go unnoticed.

    the unicorn slippers

    26. A mini planter with a unique little turtle shell that'll not only grow something wonderful, but will also serve as a reminder that it's OK to poke out of their shell every once in a while.

    the mini turtle planter with red peppers growing out of it

    27. A creative journal and activity book to help them work through any nervous or anxious feelings, unwind after a long day, or just have fun celebrating their weirdness.

    the creative journal and activity book

    28. A dramatic pen holder that's a must-have for their desk decor.

    the dramatic pen holder that looks like a person being stabbed by a pen

    29. A pair of personalized pet socks to keep their pet close by even when they're forced to abandon their pal at home to go to work so they can afford more things like this.

    a white dog on the left and on the right a pair of blue socks with pictures of the white dog on them

    30. A cotton T-shirt because they can totally identify with Tina from Bob's Burgers. I mean, who wouldn't want to fall in love with a ghost?

    a model wearing the Jeff t-shirt

    31. A Doge coin purse, with a facial expression that mirrors their sentiments in most situations.

    coin purse shaped like a shiba from the doge meme

    When they're trying to express how much they really like their gift:

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