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Here's A Buttload Of Anal Sex Stories That You Should've Read Yesterday

Everything you've ever wanted to know in one place. You're welcome.

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1. For things that sexologists, educators, and therapists want you to know about anal sex.

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Like this advice about what lube to use:

Lube is your best friend. Opt for a thicker one that will last longer.

“The anus doesn’t provide its own lube like the vagina," Van Kirk says. "So you need to have a really good lube available or penetration is not going to go smoothly and it will be painful."

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2. If you want to know how other people have anal sex, here’s a bunch of polls that people have answered.


Including how people prepare before having anal sex, and the foreplay they enjoy to get them in the mood.

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3. For stories of times anal sex went dramatically wrong.


Including horror stories like this:

Don't go shittin' waterfalls:

"I was experimenting with my partner, and it initially wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. But as he was pulling out, he moved too quickly, and I just started leaking runny cum diarrhea. I ran naked to the toilet, and there was poo on his thighs and all over our bed and floor leading to the bathroom."


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8. For some advice on what you should know before having anal sex, with insights from a doctor in sexual health and a sex expert.

12. For stories and advice from people who have already tried anal sex.


Like these wise words:

Enjoying (or not enjoying) anal sex doesn't "say" anything about you.

"I wish I'd known that liking it doesn't make you a 'bad girl' or a 'bad person' or less respectable, or anything like that!"

—Crystal WootBoots

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13. And finally, for pictures that manage to show just what it's like to have anal sex.

Warner Bros

Like the picture above, when they tell you to keep rimming them but you've been doing it for half an hour and your tongue's cramping.

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