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20 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Anal Sex

Butt seriously...

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1. When someone first suggests trying anal sex.


2. When it goes in for the first time.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer

3. When they go in real deep.

Warner Bros

4. But then it hits the spot.

Warner Bros

5. When they're really going for it and you can't do anything but hold onto the headboard.


6. When you're using tingly lube and it feels like your ass is actually on fire.


7. When you've done anal for the first time and you're laying in bed thinking about what you've just done.


8. And you realise you actually enjoyed it and kinda definitely want to do it again.


9. When you become something of a professional and start trying new positions.


10. When they pull out and the condom is as clean as a whistle.


11. When you penetrate a butt for the first time.


12. When you're the one inserting but you accidentally go deep too quick.

20th Television

13. When they tell you to keep rimming them but you've been doing it for half an hour and your tongue's cramping.

Warner Bros

14. When you want to get down to the butt stuff but realise you haven't prepared.

15. When he asks for anal but you had a burrito for lunch.

16. When you're not feeling sexy so they ask if you can do anal instead tonight.

Logo TV

17. When someone says they want to try anal sex and you're ready to give them the lowdown on how great it actually is.


18. When one of your friends tells the group they've tried anal for the first time and you're the one that fully supports them.


19. When they have an unfortunate accident and you're left wondering if you'll ever go near a butt again.


20. But then you get back into the good butt sex and you continue on your anal sex quest.