12 Top Tips For Anal Sex Given By Gay Porn Stars

    The professionals tell you how it's done.

    The Prowler Gay Porn Awards were on Wednesday night, so BuzzFeed decided to ask the actors for their best tips on having anal sex.

    1. Nathan Gear recommended preparing well.

    2. Nathan Raider pointed out that lube is your best friend.

    3. But also recommended an alternative lubricant.

    4. Dmitry Osten told BuzzFeed that you should wear protection and be safe.

    5. Josh Rider gave a tip which his boyfriend, Logan Moore, didn't quite agree with.

    6. Jack Green said that you should only take what you feel comfortable with.

    7. While Gabriel Phoenix told BuzzFeed that you shouldn't overestimate your abilities.

    8. Riley Tess spoke about the importance of chemistry.

    9. And also the importance of condoms.

    10. Jason Domino suggested looking at all methods of protection.

    11. Ashton Bradley had probably the most important piece of advice for men having anal sex.

    12. And Ashley Ryder gave a tip for when you first start.