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11 Charts Only People Who Have Had Anal Sex Will Understand

Spicy food = worst enemy.

1. There are a lot of false expectations when it comes to anal sex.

2. But in fairness, porn stars have a habit of making it look much easier than it actually is.

3. It can take a while for anal sex to feel really good.

4. There are a lot of factors that contribute to whether you should have anal sex.

5. Which makes spontaneous sex rather difficult.

6. Anal sex offers up the worst dilemma ever.

7. How much lube you need all depends on the size of the dick and how experienced you are.

8. And since lube is your best friend, you have to be thankful for that.


10. Anal sex might be great, but it has a lot of enemies.

11. But the most important thing about anal sex: You should only do it if YOU want to.